PlayStation 5: Sony's next-gen console will be faster than Xbox Series X, says reliable leakster

Another spec leak has re-ignited the fire in the ongoing next-gen console war.

However, this time there are pretty solid claims that the PS5 will outdo Xbox Series X when it comes to overall performance.

The announcement comes from a well-known gaming industry leaker with an excellent track record.

Continue below for all the details on the spec leak.

The leak

The announcement comes from the respected Twitter user Tidux, who outlined in a tweet that the PS5's overall performance will beat that of Xbox Series X.

Check the tweet out below:

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Here Tidux says that the CPUs of both consoles are about the same, while the latter beats Sony’s console in terms of graphics processing power (by 1 teraflop).

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 In terms of RAM, the PS5 appears to take the lead, as Sony surpasses Microsoft in both bandwidth and size.

We've also heard that the SSD storage will also be faster in the PS5.

Is it too soon to tell?

The leakster seems to believe that the mix of these features will give the PS5 an overall edge in performance, however, it is not very clear how all these specs will translate into the real-world.

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FACE OFF: Which console will reign superior?

Realistically, the most important factor when it comes to choosing a console is the quality and quantity of exclusive games in the first few months.

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Halo fans will no doubt flock to the upcoming Xbox when it eventually drops, and the same goes for fans of PlayStation exclusives.

It all comes down to personal preference really, but the specs speak for themselves.

Stay tuned for our updates on the next-gen console war.

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