New PS5 Controller Revealed - DualSense, Release Date, wireless, design & more

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Sony just dropped a major announcement for the PS5, revealing their newest controller design for the next generation of consoles.

The new controller design comes out amid speculation around the next-gen console's release date under coronavirus.

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Sony has come out strong by giving fans a taste of what's to come for the PS5. So we can only assume things are still on track.

Let's go over what we know so far about the controller and its specs.

A wireless future

sony ps5 controller dualsense wireless
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Sony's new unique design for the PS5 controller

Sony's new controller design for the PS5 is a DualSense wireless controller. You can read the announcement here.

Sony went over the development process for the controller in their announcement. They cited player's feedback on DualShock 4 and implemented it into their new design.

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The new controller takes away the share button introduced for PS4 and implements a create button in its place. Sony promises some big plans ahead for the create button that they will address more in the future.

The controller comes with a built in microphone, which will be a huge convenience for online gaming.

Sony also has made changes to better sustain battery charge while keeping the controller light.

A new look

Sony ps5 controller dualsense wireless side view
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Sony's new controller design looks more similar to the Xbox controller

The PS5 controller seems to be bigger and more bulky, resembling the controllers for Xbox. This is an interesting move ahead of all of the competition coming with next gen consoles.

It features a sleek middle panel similar to the PS4 controller, and looks quite clean with white buttons and a white shell. The changes come after plenty of ergonomic research testing how it feels in players' hands.

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This is the first Playstation controller to abandon the one-tone design in favor of multiple colors, which adds to the freshness of the overall look.

Improving on past success

PS4 received a lot of praise for audio from the controller and its new buttons/button structure. PS5 will hammer these features home.

Sony is focused on building off of this success rather than building something completely new, and it shows in the PS5 controller design.

Visually this is the best Playstation controller yet, and we expect the new functionality to feel just as good.

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