Inside Xbox: Xbox Series X latest news, Xbox Game Pass, release date & what we learned

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The Inside Xbox web show returned today to go over the Xbox Series X and delve a little deeper.

Despite a laggy presentation due to conditions under coronavirus, the show touched on the present and future of Xbox.

Table of Contents

Let's go over what we learned from Inside Xbox, streamed on Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer.


Xbox Series X

Xbox series x release date
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The new innovative look of the Xbox Series X

Inside Xbox went over some of the design process for the Xbox Series X and thought processes behind specific developments.


The show touched on the Xbox velocity architecture, which is a process that will improve asset streaming using a dedicated hardware compression block to expand assets in real time.

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Ray tracing is the gold standard for pc graphics. The Xbox Series X includes custom hardware to bring this experience to consoles, and Inside Xbox went deeper into the process. With hardware accelerated direct x ray tracing, the console can deliver higher fidelity visuals and more immersive environments via shadows, reflections and more. Variable rate shading offers these new levels of performance without reducing visual quality.

The Xbox Series X also uses new hardware to process audio, freeing the cpu up for more important work.

These developments will provide developers the access to make much more dense worlds and richer textures. It will help developers push games beyond the power limitations of the box alone.

Xbox Game Pass

xbox game pass games
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Inside Xbox touched on the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC


There was some important news for the Xbox Game Pass for PC. The pass will now offer Football Manager 2020, Mistover, and Stranger Things 3: The Game among others.

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For both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC, there will be a new level for Human: Fall Flat called Thermal.

You can also expect new content from the monthly update for Sea of Thieves.

Project xCloud

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Project xCloud test at E3 2019


Xbox Insider also touched on Project xCloud. Project xCloud is an innovative service that allows players to stream Xbox titles to their mobile device.

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Project xCloud allows players to utilize the cloud to bring all their favorite console titles on the go. Even better? You won't have to download each game. This is a great move for gaming, replacing the common practice of game emulation and smoothing the edges.

And while Xbox has already made great strides in improving this service, there's still plenty of time for it to grow. We definitely expect it to expand far beyond the roughly 50 titles it currently covers.