The Division: Heartland closed test taking place in this week

Ubisoft is apparently very busy this week with multiple projects entering some form of public testing phase. One game that we know for sure is receiving a small testing window is The Division: Heartland, a free-to-play game set in the popular Division franchise.

While The Division 2 is still receiving some support following the release of its major expansion - Warlords of New York - but Heartlands is considered the future of the series.

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You can register to take part in any future testing phases via the Ubisoft website. Emails are typically sent out quite close to the testing window with emails for this week's test arriving less than 72 hours prior in some cases.

For anyone who was invited, the test will be live from Wednesday, 20 April to Friday, 22 April. It seems a little strange not to have the test take place over a weekend but recent tests over the last year have also been on seemingly random dates.

Heartland has been appearing and disappearing from the Ubisoft store recently, having most recently been spotted in late March. At the time of writing, it's missing from the store once again.

What is still unclear is whether or not The Division: Heartland will continue with the formula from the first two games or be taking things in more of an Escape From Tarkov direction.

Rumors have flown recently about other games adopting similar style modes but nothing has really come to fruition just yet. We'll be keen to see more of the game when Ubisoft is ready to make those details public!

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