Spider-Man Miles Morales proves PS5 has no loading times

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The PS4 has been such a trusty console for so long that many gamers are wondering if next-gen is really worth it.

Sony has talked a big game with the PS5, and it looks like they weren't kidding about the end of loading screens!

Jump into the action

Riding the subway with Peter Parker was fun, for a bit. While 2018's Spider-Man made web-slinging around New York fun, fast travelling was still a must, but the loads took a while.

The PS5 really will make that a thing of the past.

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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Spidey sounds better than ever!

Game Informer was able to get a look at the new title, and confirmed a complete lack of loading screens on the PS5.

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This is a total game-changer that will reverberate into games like FIFA 21 and Madden 21 with their endless loading screens.

Next-gen performance

Along with the loading screens being a thing of the past, PS5 offers stunning visuals for Spider-Man Miles Morales.

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HERO TIME: Another day, another squad of goons to beat!

You can play the game in Performance Mode at 4K & 60 fps (as long as your monitor can handle it!). Or dive into Fidelity Mode and get 4K, 30 fps, and stunning ray tracing.

Pre-order Spider-Man Miles Morales

Releasing on 15 November, Spider-Man Miles Morales is easily the next-gen game we are most excited about.


At £51.99 on PS5 it's a bargain.

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