OpTic Gaming Founder H3CZ to Return as CEO

optic hecz

optic hecz

Hector 'H3CZ' Rodriguez is synonymous with Optic Gaming. Having founded the organisation in 2006, H3CZ has served as CEO for most of the organisation's history.

Since then Optic Gaming has been one of the biggest names in Esports, particularly Call of Duty. Their dynasty roster of Scump, Formal, Crimsix and Karma are still the 4 most winningest players in Call of Duty from their time on the team.

Now Hector is stepping back into the CEO position of Optic after a fairly brief hiatus. Here's everything we know about the change.

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Hecz Replaces Adam Rymer as CEO of Optic Gaming

Adam Rymer Joined Optic's parent company, Envy Gaming in summer 2020, and oversaw the revival and rebrand of Optic Gaming. He will now be stepping down into the role of a strategic advisor going forward.

Optic Hecz
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H3CZ served as CEO of Optic Gaming from the time he retired as a player in 2007, until the brand entered turmoil in 2017. He remained as CEO while the team refranchised as Chicago Huntsmen, and finally stepped aside in 2019 when they were acquired by Luminosity.

Hector stepping back up into the CEO role is no great surprise, as Optic continues to go from strength to strength. With new Rocket League and Halo teams doing very well, and their Call of Duty team back to competing at the top level, the founder at the helm is another message of strength.

What's next for Optic?

With two teams in their infancy, in Rocket League and Apex Legends, Optic gaming will be looking to make sure that those teams succeed, and have the longevity others have not.

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As for future moves, expect Optic to try to break back into Valorant, after they were excluded from the Riot Partnership and the VCT this year. Another potential is another break into League of Legends, after their team rebranded to Immortals for the 2020 LCS season.

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