Optic Gaming take home HCS Orlando Title, and the Org's first Major Tournament Win

Optic Halo

Optic Halo

Despite their recent dominance online, OpTic Gaming Halo have struggled to pick up a win at a LAN tournament, that is until now. Despatching Cloud 9 in decisive fashion 4-1 in the finals, OpTic are looking to secure a dynasty akin to the one Formal oversaw in Call of Duty.

Since Formal joined back at the start of this year, OpTic have looked impressive, but this will be a huge confidence boost for the team.

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The HCS Finals

OpTic began the series strong, with Formal leading the charge on slaying, securing 29 kills and an 18.3KDA in map one. The team as a whole was on point, with all players finishing that game with double-digit assists.

Map two was similarly dominant, with Lucid the standout player this time around. Although Cloud 9 picked up a game on Map 3, it did little to slow down Optic's momentum.

OpTic's team play and slaying ability was a spectacle to behold this series, and secured them the win 4-1.

OpTic Halo Next Steps

While the team will be thrilled with this victory, the true challenge will come in the Halo World Championships in Seattle. Their win at the NA Super puts them in good standing, but they still have a mountain to climb.

A win at Worlds would be the perfect way to round off an impressive competitive season for OpTic, and Formal would love a Halo World Championship to put alongside his Call of Duty Title.

Catch the World Championships kicking off next month on October 21st. OpTic will be coming in as the first seed after their HCS Orlando win, with other familiar names like G2 Esports, Cloud 9, and Faze filling out the ranks.

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