NBA 2K24 MyNBA: Everything you need to know about it

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Eras

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Eras

MyNBA was introduced in 2021 and replaced the MyLEAGUE mode. The mode was very well received by the 2K community and quickly became a staple of the franchise. In the previous title, 2k introduced the Eras feature. Players liked it so much, that 2K decided to bring it back for NBA 2K24.

This year, MyNBA brings a new Era, a new game mode, and more attention to detail. This makes MyNBA the most realistic and immersive it has ever been, but it doesn't drastically change the main mechanics of the mode.

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Without further ado, let's find out everything about MyNBA in NBA 2K24.

What is MyNBA

The MyNBA is a mode where you can assume the role of a GM, and have total control over the basketball operations of a team of your choosing. You can fire and hire coaches, trade players, sign free agents, and draft the next superstar, all to win a title.

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It allows you to experience how it feels to run an NBA franchise and gives you a better understanding of all the challenges that come with it. MyNBA is a very immersive mode. If you are a player who prefers the simulation and management aspect of NBA 2K24, this mode is perfect for you.

In MyNBA, you also have control over almost all the league rules. You can create a custom salary cap, implement or remove rules, change the budget and finance settings of the teams or the league, and many other things.


Eras is the main game mode of MyNBA. Despite only being introduced last year it's already incredibly popular, mostly because it gave users a new way to experience MyNBA.

In Eras, players can choose one of five of the biggest Eras in the history of the NBA. These eras are the brand-new Lebron Era, Kobe Era, Jordan Era, The Magic vs Bird Era, and the Modern Era.

This allows players to experience basketball in a whole different way, and a chance to rewrite history. In the Magic vs Bird Era, players will experience a more physical brand of basketball. The Lebron Era gives players a chance to defeat the Heat superteam or help them win even more rings.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Eras
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But there is one constant in all the MyNBA Eras, the attention to detail is spectacular. For example, every Era has different media outlets, that evolve with time.

In the Magic vs Bird Era, journals are the main media outlet. But as time passes and you reach the Lebron Era, social media is where you get the majority of your news.

This is a very important feature, and it makes the game mode much more immersive. It makes players feel like they are really playing in the 80s or the 2010s. The game mode also has a realistic "ageing transformation", as you will see players evolve or decline as time progresses.

Pundits, journalists, reporters, and even fan bases, will react accordingly to the Era they are in. So, if you are going to play against the Celtics away in the 80s, get ready for an intimidating atmosphere.

MyNBA Lite

If you are new to the franchise mode of NBA 2K, MyNBA Lite provides you with an easy way to get familiar with it. It's a much more streamlined way to play the mode, with players not having to worry about every single detail of running a team.

NBA 2K24 MyNBA Lite
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In MyNBA Lite, you just need to focus on making trades, drafting good players, signing stars in free agency, and winning titles. All of this without having to worry about the trade realism feature, contract extension deadline, and many other things.

We strongly recommend you play this mode if you are new to the NBA 2K franchise mode. It will give you a good understanding of how things work, and your learning curve once you decide to enter MyNBA won't be as big.

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