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NBA 2K23: The Theater Events for Season 1 Week 2 LIVE NOW

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NBA 2K23 is keeping it fresh with new updates to The Theater in Season 1 Week 2, keeping players guessing about what's coming next.

The Events in The Theater are brand new and we're going to take a look at each of them and the requirements to play.

Ready to take over the court in the Theater? Let's go over how to do it.

Theater updates for NBA 2K23

The Theater is an area where several players in The City spend a lot of time and now it's being updated in the second week of Season 1.

It's great to see that NBA 2K23 continues to update the game and keep it fresh for players that are looking for fun stuff to do when not completing quests.

NBA 2K23
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NEW EVENTS: Check out the latest events in The Theater this week

There are several events replacing the first four that debuted in NBA 2K23 at launch. Of the group, our favorite is the State Farm Bonus Assists Event.

Here are the events and the rules for this week:

  • State Farm Bonus Assists
    • 3v3 Park style game to 21
    • Assisted baskets earn an additional point for each team
  • 4V4
    • 4V4 Park style game to 21
  • Double Alleys (Squads Only)
    • 2V2 Park style game to 21
    • Four points for every completed alley-oop
  • 2V2 (No Squads)
    • 2V2 Park style game to 21
    • Scoring player receives possession of the ball

If you haven't yet purchased NBA 2K23, you can use the link below to purchase your own copy of the game.

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New NBA 2K23 Error Code

Unfortunately, we're continuing to experience NBA 2K23 error codes and the latest is hitting players in The City.

This is a common issue stemming back to last year when the 6f8ce31b Error Code first popped up last year in MyCAREER.

NBA 2K23
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ERROR CODES: Players in The City are experiencing more trouble this week

According to multiple posts on Reddit, several users are facing it when working through the It's a Cole World quest featuring J. Cole, but it's appearing at different places throughout the quest and some suggested it could be linked to using a Rebirth build.

Others have reported facing error code 6f8ce31b intermittently since launch despite a reliable wired connection, so it's likely not your internet.

Patch Notes for Update 1.02

There was a large update for current gen users on NBA 2K23 but 2K stated that there were no gameplay changes with this update.

The download size seems to varied across platforms, and it's largest for Xbox One users who faced a 44.99 GB update.

NBA 2K23
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LATEST UPDATE: It looks like current gen users received a large update

There were small updates in NBA 2K23 including Update 1.005 on PS5 which was only 410 MB, and Update on Xbox Series X|S was just 1.1 GB.

If there's any other updates for the game, we'll keep you updated on everything there is to know.

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