NBA 2K23 shooting hotfix addresses post shots and hooks, more changes coming

As we continue to tumble through the launch of NBA 2K23, we're learning that there are going to be a few hotfixes in the future.

Now, a full update hasn't been released just yet but it could be done in the backend. The question is, what exactly is going to be changed?

We've got a few notes from what Gameplay Director Mike Wang had to say.

Tweets from Gameplay Director Mike Wang

With a couple of extra updates NBA 2K23 is beginning to get fined tuned by Gameplay Director Mike Wang, who has revealed a new hotfix.

We were expecting an update to be released this morning but no such update was announced, leading us to believe that it might go unnoticed.

Here's the tweet from Mike Wang:

Wang noted in the tweet that "Tomorrow's" fix, meaning that at some point it will be deployed in NBA 2K23 at some point today.

Once the update is revealed, we'll take a look at some of the exact details. More than likely, however, you'll notice it when you shoot from the post.

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NBA 2K23 Update 1.004 (9/14)

The most recent NBA 2K23 update took place a few days ago but there wasn't a full breakdown for that update either.

The update officially deployed on September 14, 2022, and this appears to be a next gen only update for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

NBA 2K23
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LATEST UPDATE: Next gen systems received an update earlier this week.

The size of the NBA 2K23 update was 1.06 GB on Xbox Series X|S, likely marking an update with bug fixes but no major content additions.

The NBA 2K account released a tweet saying:

"Our latest patch is live on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S bringing continued stability improvements to the game fixing several issues. No gameplay changes!"

Latest Locker Codes for NBA 2K23

Although the game has only been out for a week, the only NBA 2K23 Locker Code available at the moment was released a few days ago.

This was a "mobile only" reveal so make sure that you turn your notifications on for the NBA2K23 App if you don't have them on already.

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