NBA 2K23 Limited Season 2 Event Rules & Rewards

The ball is in your court as the NBA 2K23 Limited Season 2 event is underway right now and there are tons of rewards on the line.

Aside from earning your first Championship Ring, there is a Ferocious Pack on the line as well along with 25K MT.

Let's get your lineup set and ready to take over the court.

NBA 2K23 Limited Event Season 2

The first week of Season 2 is here and we've got an NBA 2K23 Limited Event to kick off the next six weeks.

The rules for this event are pretty specific so make sure you follow the directions exactly, if you need help you can use the lineup builder.

NBA 2K23 Limited Season 2
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LIMITED RULES: Follow these steps to create your Limited lineup.

One of the most specific rules of this NBA 2K23 Limited Event is that you'll need to use 10 '23 NBA: Series 1 cards in your lineup. You can purchase the ones you want directly from the Auctions.

Here are all of the rules for this event:

  • You must use 10 '23 NBA: Series 1 cards in your lineup.
  • You may use 2 Amethysts
  • Remaining cards must be Ruby or lower.
  • No Free Agent cards are allowed.

Now that we've taken a look at the rules for this event, let's go over the rewards that are available.

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Rewards for Season 2 Week 1 Limited

Getting the most out of NBA 2K23 Limited is important because you'll need all six Championship Rings to get the Limited Option pack at the end.

The good news is even if you only get a few rings you'll still receive some significant rewards which we'll go over below.

NBA 2K23 Limited
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PRIZES: Get all the rings to earn yourself an Option Pack at the end of the year.

With so many rewards on the line, we'd suggest taking the entire weekend and playing as many games as possible to get wins and earn rings.

Here's what you can expect in terms of rewards and how many rings you'll need to claim in NBA 2K23 Limited:

  • x15 Tokens - One Ring
  • Ferocious Pack - Two Rings
  • Diamond Prize Ball - Three Rings
  • x100 Tokens - Four Rings
  • 25k MT Coins - Five Rings
  • MyTEAM Limited Option Pack - Six Rings

Speaking of the Ferocious Packs, these just debuted in MyTEAM so let's take a look at them as well.

Ferocious Packs hit the Pack Market

Three different versions of a James Harden card are now available in MyTEAM through the Ferocious Packs.

The Amethyst one is the card you can use for NBA 2K23 Limited this week and we'd suggest picking it up from the Auctions quickly.

NBA 2K23 Limited
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HARDEN CARDS: The Pink Diamond James Harden is an incredible card to have.

You can actually buy a Ferocious Pack and the Amethyst James Harden card directly from the Pack Market for 15K VC.

Perhaps you'll pull his Pink Diamond card in the additional pack, either way it could be a great investment for future NBA 2K23 Limited events.

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