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NBA 2K23: Best Jumpshot for Guards, Forwards & Centers on ALL Platforms

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Discussions surrounding the best jumpshot in NBA 2K23 is depending on a few different factors but at least there's some more information.

Now that the game has been out for a while, we're going to take a look at a few of the things we've learned lately.

Let's take a look at these NBA 2K23 jumpshots.

LATEST - What do Ratings mean?

Several players took to Reddit to have a discussion about the NBA 2K23 jumpshot ratings and what exactly they mean.

For some, having an A rating for certain categories works better for them while other players feel as if how the shot feels and your familiarity with it is important.

Personally, we think that it's a mix of the two. Sure, you'll need to have fairly good ratings to shoot well but your comfort with the jumpshot is just as important.

NBA 2K23 Best Jumpshot (By Size)

The best jumpshot in NBA 2K23 depends on a few things, build, timing, and position. With any animation though, you'll need to practice the timing.

Guards with a high three-point rating would require a different jumpshot than a forward with a low rating or a center with terrible ratings.

NBA 2K23 best jumpshot
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TOP JUMPSHOTS: Which jumpshot should you equip in NBA 2K23?

We had to do some digging to find which ones actually work the "best" or what is considered the meta jumpshot in NBA 2K23, so keep that in mind as you continue reading.

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Best Jumpshot for Guards in NBA 2K23

If you're under a certain height, normally 6'5", you'll have a plethora of jumpshot animations to choose from in NBA 2K23.

This jumpshot animation is courtesy of NBA2KHQ:

  • Guards with a High 3PT Rating (89+)
    • Base: Seth Curry
    • Upper Releases: Oscar Robertson (80%), Trae Young (20%)

This particular jumpshot animation works perfectly for guards that have a high three-point rating to their NBA 2K23 attributes.

  • Guards with an Average 3pt Rating (81+)
    • Base: Markelle Fultz
    • Upper Releases: Oscar Robertson (80%), Trae Young (20%)

As you can see, the Oscar Robertson and Trae Young requirements stay the same so keep that in mind.

Best Jumpshot for Fowards in NBA 2K23

We know that not everyone is running guards in NBA 2K23 and thank goodness for that. Still, there are a few builds to use for this position.

The key here is height again and for 6'5" to 6'9", we have a few options that you can use courtesy of NBA 2KW:

  • Forwards with a Mid/3PT (81+)
    • Base: LaMelo Ball
    • Upper Release: Oscar Robertson (51%), Nikola Jovic (49%)

For taller builds (6'10 - 7'3") we'd recommend doing this:

  • Forwards with a Mid/3PT (81+)
    • Base: Nemanja Bjelica
    • Upper Release: Giannis Antetokounmpo (75%), Chris Bosh (25%)

Now that we've taken a look at the forwards, let's check out the centers.

Best Jumpshot for Centers in NBA 2K23

For centers, we don't have too many options for you since it's already very hard to shoot in NBA 2K23 so the jumpshot animation won't matter much.

Still, you can knock down a few shots by using the best jumpshot for 84 OVR three-point shooters, which is Chris Bosh.

For this you won't need to do any blending just use the Chris Bosh NBA 2K23 jumpshot templete.

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