NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat: Matchmaking, Quests, and Current Gen details

Current gen users are hitting the sea again as the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat was revealed today.

From every Deck that was revealed to the new quest and matchmaking details, we've got everything you need to know.

Let's get our sea legs ready as we board the GOAT Boat in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat Courtside Report

As more reveals come through as we ramp towards the launch of the game, we've now learned about the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat.

The new current gen location for The Neighborhood will feature enhanced matchmaking, something current gen players should be happy about.

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat
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THE CAGES: Several new courts were added to the GOAT Boat in NBA 2K23

Several new courts were added including The Cages, The Galleon (1v1), and The Bridge (3v3). Let's take a look at some of the additions in NBA 2K23.

  • New Decks
  • Immersive Quests
  • Enhanced Matchmaking
  • The REC Lounge
  • NBA Stores
  • Access to MyTEAM
  • Daily Pick 'Em

Each of these additions should make for a much more cohesive experience on the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat. The only thing we hope is that the elevators are optimized this year.

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Quests on the GOAT Boat

Fans of single player experiences will be happy to know that the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat is planning on offering a ton of quests.

To receive Quests in NBA 2K23 on the GOAT Boat, you must interact with NPCs. Rival Quests will also be introduced in this year's game.

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat
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QUESTS: We expect quests on the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat to be updated frequently

The Courtside Report says:

"These Quests feature key NPCs you will interact with throughout the course of the game. Experience a more immersive story this year with rival NPCs, a realistic storyline, and authentic dialogue."

We'll keep you updated with any new NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat quests once Season 1 of the game is released.

Brand New Environment in NBA 2K23

The environment of the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat looks remarkably better than the Cancha Del Mar did. Even the resolution looks like it's been increased.

We'll attach the trailer for you below but pay attention to places like The Galleon, a pirate-themed location where you can challenge players to 1v1 games.

Of course, there are returning locations where you can equip yourself with gear by heading to Rowe’s Sporting Goods, Wheels, Doc’s, The Paint Tattoo, and others.

We'll be sure to reveal each of the locations to you once they're revealed at the launch of the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat.

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