NBA 2K23 Flash Forwards - Twelve Legend cards arriving in MyTeam

selection of nba 2k23 flash forward promo cards

selection of nba 2k23 flash forward promo cards

We're very excited to see that NBA 2K23 is bringing the Flash Forwards promo to the game and you better make sure you have your VC topped up because these cards are busted!

We'll take you through the full twelve-player lineup that looks set to make Flash Forwards one of the top promos in this year's game. You might be asked what all the hype is about, so let us talk you through why you need these players in your squad!

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NBA 2K23 Flash Forwards release date

The Flash Forwards cards will be entering NBA 2K23 on Friday, 6 January. We expect them to be live in-game at around 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm GMT.

Flash Forwards will replace the Fireworks promo with packs in the store. The reason these players a causing quite the hype train in the community is that they tend to have ridiculously busted abilities and animations that make them impossible to deal with as a defender.

In previous 2K titles, these legends have been some of the most anticipated cards and can sell for crazy numbers in the auction house.

Flash Forwards Player Lineup

There are twelve total announced players so far with six Pink Diamond cards and six Galaxy Opal. It's possible that a headliner is yet to be revealed and could be announced once the set is live.

Galaxy Opal Flash Forwards

  • George Mikan - Seven-time NBA champ with the Minneapolis Lakers.
  • Terry Dischinger - College Basketball Hall of Famer who famously became a dentist once his playing career ended.
  • Cazzie Russell - #1 Pick in the '66 Draft, Rookie of the Year, NBA All-Star and Champion with the '70 Knicks.
dolph schayes, don olh and bob netolicky flash forward cards in NBA 2k23
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  • Dolph Schayes - 12x All-Star, Champion with the '55 Syracuse Nationals and voted to the NBA 75th anniversary team.
  • Don Ohl - 5x NBA All-Star.
  • Bob Netolicky - 2x ABA Champion and 4x ABA All-Star.

Pink Diamond Flash Forwards

  • Cincinnatus Powell - 2x ABA All-Star.
  • Richie Guerin - 6x NBA All-Star, NBA Coach of the Year ('68).
  • Wayne Embry - NBA Champion in '68 with the Boston Celtics. First ever African-American GM and Team President in NBA history.
bailey howell, bob cousy, jo jo white pink diamond nba 2k23 cards
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  • Bailey Howell - 6x All-Star and 2x NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics.
  • Bob Cousy - 13x NBA All-Star and 6x NBA Champion, all with the Boston Celtics.
  • Jo Jo White - 2x NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics, Finals MVP in '76 and 7x NBA All-Star.
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