NBA 2K - What is a free agent card?

lebron james free agent card from NBA 2K23

lebron james free agent card from NBA 2K23

Whether you're an NBA 2K veteran or just starting out in your first version of the game, there's one card type that leaves some players puzzled, the Free Agent.

These are cards that you typically see handed out when your MyTeam starting lineup is in its infancy, but what exactly is their purpose?

Well, let us take you through everything you need to know about Free Agent cards in NBA 2K including how to get the most out of them.

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What is a Free Agent card in NBA 2K?

In simple terms, the Free Agent card in NBA 2K is essentially a short-term loan player. The reason they are typically handed out or earned while your team is quite new is because they offer a nice little boost to a starting lineup that likely needs some quality.

a selection of free agent cards in NBA 2k23 including rui hachimura, lebron james and dwyane wade
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Each Free Agent card is a high overall rating player but they can only play five games for your team. It is not possible to modify a Free Agent card in any way meaning no shoe cards or badges can be applied to them.

How to use your Free Agent cards in NBA 2K

There really is only one thing to do with your Free Agent cards, play with them! One benefit to this card type is that they offer a good look at some high-level players so you can get used to their skills and shooting animations.

Beyond this, you're best off using up their game time in any of the single-player game modes within MyTeam.

joel embid as seen in nba 2k23
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Naturally, the Free Agent players are not tradable/auctionable. If you're in the early stages of your MyTeam journey then just enjoy having some quality players as part of your starting lineup while you build up some currency to go out and buy new cards or knock out some objectives to earn better ones.

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