NBA 2K23: En Fuego Pack arrives at MyTEAM



NBA 2K23 is about to have a tremendous amount of new content introduced. With season 7 arriving today, new events, cards, and many other rewards, are making their way into the game.

The En Fuego Pack is the first card program of Season 7. It brings plenty of new cards to MyTEAM, with some of them being among the best in the game. These cards will add some "Heat" to your squad, and make your online games more entertaining. However, fans' reactions to this new card program have been mixed.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the NBA 2K23 En Fuego pack.

En Fuego Pack

The En Fuego pack arrives at MyTEAM on 19 May. It brings two new cards from the Invincible series, with both having a 99 OVR. The pack is full of Dark Matter cards, which have some astonishing stats, and plenty of Hall of Fame badges.

Dark Matter Giannis Antetokounmpo and Magic Johnson are the two best cards in this pack. They are among the best cards in the PG and SF positions, especially in the case of Johnson. Since he is very tall, and is one of the best floor generals in the game, Johnson can have a huge impact on both sides of the court.

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Dark Matter Giannis and Magic are the cards everyone wants to get their hands on!

However, there are other great cards in the pack, such as 99 OVR Dark Matter James Harden. He is a nightmare for defenders, having the ability to easily score inside, from mid-range, or long-range. Harden is also spectacular at finding open teammates, which creates easy scoring opportunities.

Dark Matter Damonte Sabonis, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, and Myles Turner, are other amazing cards the En Fuego pack will bring to MyTEAM.

But despite some good cards, the NBA 2K23 community is not happy with this pack. The odds of the pack are expected to be around 2-3%. This makes it very hard to pull any of these great cards, especially the two Invincible ones.

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