NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges: Recent Patch Update Nerfs Gameplay

The latest patch update for NBA 2K22 dropped a ton of info and changes to gameplay a few days ago. From coaching changes to bug fixes the patch update encompassed a lot.

One of the most notable changes is an adjustment to the NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges, better known as a "nerf". This comes just in time for the start of Season 2 in NBA 2K22.

Let's take a look at how this will affect your shooting in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K22 Shooting Badge Nerf

The first question NBA 2K22 players are likely asking is "Why?", and for good reason. The fact is, the Shooting Badges weren't functioning properly and triggering when they weren't supposed to.

This was eventually exploited by players, which forced NBA 2K22 to make an adjustment to the Badges to make them perform properly.

The Shooting Badges screen in NBA 2K22
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BADGE NERF: NBA 2K22 deals a massive rework to Shooting Badges

Although these fixes were necessary, they'll definitely change the way that players perform in online games. The Shooting Badges provide a big boost to gameplay and players will have to adjust to the new format.

Which NBA 2K22 Badges have been nerfed?

Not every NBA 2K22 Shooting Badge has been nerfed, but a lot of popular ones seen an adjustment.

To get you ahead of the curve, here are all the Badges that received nerfs in the latest NBA 2K22 patch update:

  • Chef
  • Limitless Spot-Up
  • Difficult Shots
  • Circus Threes
  • Rhythm Shooter
  • Catch & Shoot
  • Set Shooter
  • Stop & Pop

That is a total of 8 Shooting Badges that received an update during the last patch. The official wording from NBA 2K22 is that these Shooting Badges had the logic adjusted "so that each one triggers under the intended conditions and at the proper shooting ranges".

What this means for players

For NBA 2K22 players, this means that some of the most popular Badges will work much differently now.

Catch & Shoot and Limitless Spot-Up are among the most popular Badges for NBA 2K22 builds and now those builds might even function differently.

Jump Shot Creator in NBA 2K22
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TIME TO ADJUST: Head to MyPLAYER and alter your Jump Shot in NBA 2K22

One way you can combat the NBA 2K22 Badge update is by heading to MyPLAYER and using the Jumpshot Creator to create a jump shot that greens more consistently.

We actually have a list for you here of some of the best jump shots to use and how to green more consistently.

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