NBA 2K22 Badges Missing Bug: How to Fix, Patch Notes

NBA 2K22 is heading towards Season 2 after the game has been live for six weeks. With it being out for so long there have of course been bugs along the way.

Most recently, the NBA 2K22 Badges have been missing on current gen users systems. This worried players quite a bit as Badges are an essential part of the game.

Let's go over the NBA 2K22 Badges bug and the patch to fix it on current gen systems.

NBA 2K22 Badges missing on current gen

Players reached out to the NBA 2K22 community when they learned that their Badges were missing from their MyPLAYER.

This is a huge problem as players put a ton of VC into their MyPLAYER and upgrading your Badges is part of building a better player.

Badges screen in NBA 2K22
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BADGE BUGS: Badges such as the ones above were missing from current gen systems

Of course, the worried players reached out to 2K Support about the NBA 2K22 Badges issue and were met with a swift response.

NBA 2K22's statement on Badge bug

The good news about these bugs is that 2K Support is pretty quick when it comes to addressing them. This is always important because you can see how much effort they dedicate to the fix.

They've realized the NBA 2K22 Badge bug is a cosemetic issue, meaning current gen users haven't lost their Badges.

This addresses players with "current saves" on current gen systems, however, something different is happening with new saves.

Here is what NBA 2K22 had to say about players with new saves:

"For players creating new saves, they will be limited by the displayed value. That part is unintentional and what we are working on resolving at the moment. Thank you for your patience."

NBA 2K22 Badges Bug: How To Fix

There was a recent NBA 2K22 patch update titled "Current Gen Patch Update 1.5", however, this patch didn't address the issue for the NBA 2K22 Badges.

We believe that in the coming days there will be a separate quick fix released, similar to the card artwork bug, that will fix this issue.

Card Artwork bug in NBA 2K22
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MORE BUGS: Card Artwork bug hit next gen users a month ago

Here are a couple of things you can do until the NBA 2K22 Badge bug is officially fixed:

  • Exit out of NBA 2K22 and close the game.
  • Check to see which version you're running (current is Version 1.5)
  • Restart NBA 2K22 and see if the problem persists.

We'll be sure to update you with any other fixes for the bug when they're available.

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