NBA 2K22: MASSIVE deal offers 50% off ahead of the holidays

There are huge NBA 2K22 deals going on right now due to the holidays and we've got a chance for you to get in on perhaps the biggest one of the year!

We're going to show you how you can land 50% OFF of NBA 2K22 on Xbox One and other platforms including PC and the Nintendo Switch.

Let's get started on how you can get NBA 2K22 for 50% OFF!

NBA 2K22 50% OFF Xbox One

First of all, we want to make sure you know that you won't need to leave the comfort of your home to land any of these deals as they are all digital codes!

This means you'll be able to purchase NBA 2K22 for 50% OFF and start playing it a moment later. No need to wait for shipping on this NBA 2K22 Xbox One digital code.

NBA 2K22 Xbox One Deal
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Here are the steps to get 50% OFF for NBA 2K22 on Xbox One:

  • Click here to follow this link to Amazon
  • Select your platform (Xbox One Digital Code) price is $29.99
  • Press (Add to cart) then (Proceed to checkout)
  • Purchase the Xbox One Digital Code
  • Check your email for the code and redeem it in the Microsoft Store on your Xbox.

From there you can start enjoying NBA 2K22 for just $29.99! This is a huge deal on NBA 2K22 and if you've been waiting for the right time to buy, this is it!

NBA 2K22 50% Off Nintendo Switch

Great news for Nintendo Switch players looking to get in on this sweet NBA 2K22 deal is that it's being extended to a Nintendo Switch digital code as well!

The difference for the Nintendo Switch is that it'll be $30.00 instead of $29.99, but it's essentially the same 50% off deal. This is also a great idea for a gift for the NBA fan in your life because they can play NBA 2K22 on the go!

NBA 2K22 deals Nintendo Switch
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Let's go over the steps to purchase NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch for 50% off:

  • Follow this link to get to the Digital Code for NBA 2K22 on Nintendo Switch.
  • Press (Add to cart) then (Proceed to checkout) - Price is $30.00
  • Purchase the Nintendo Switch Digital Code
  • Check your email for the code and redeem it in the Nintendo eShop.

After you've redeemed the NBA 2K22 Digital Code for the Nintendo Switch you should be able to play once the game is finished installing.

NBA 2K22 50% Off PC

It's amazing to see that PC players are getting in on the extra deals for the holiday season as well. It seems as if current gen systems are getting some attention on NBA 2K22 this time around.

You can grab NBA 2K22 for half off on PC as well, it seems the only platform not offering it is PlayStation, which will likely have a deal of their own through the PlayStation Store.

NBA 2K22 Deals on PC
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Here's how you can land NBA 2K22 for 50% off on PC:

  • Follow this link to Amazon and the NBA 2K22 PC Digital Code
  • Press "Add to cart" and then "Proceed to checkout" - Price is $30.00
  • Purchase the PC Digital Code
  • Redeem your NBA 2K22 Digital Code in the operating system you use (Microsoft Store)

You're all set! Enjoy NBA 2K22 for 50% off and hopefully, there will be more deals on 2K games in the future!

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