NBA 2K22 adds legendary cover athlete to commentary

NBA 2K22 already broke new ground by revealing a string of epic covers for this year's game, but now it looks like one of those names will also lend their voice to the title.

One of the legendary cover athletes chosen for NBA 2K22 will also be a part of the in-game commentary team this year, and we've got all the details here.

NBA 2K22 adds legendary cover athlete to commentary team

While we haven't seen much in-game footage yet for NBA 2K22, we've gotten plenty of details about this year's game and the faces that will represent it.

In addition to Luka Doncic taking the standard cover and legends Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gracing the 75th Anniversary Edition, the game broke new ground this year with their first ever female cover athlete.

NBA 2K22 Chicago Sky Candace Parker
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WNBA legend Candace Parker was chosen as the featured cover athlete in a special WNBA 25th Anniversary Edition of NBA 2K22 that's available only through GameStop in North America.

However, it looks like Parker isn't stopping there, as we've now learned she'll be a part of the commentary team for NBA 2K22!

Candace Parker talks breaking new ground in NBA 2K22

The fact that Candace Parker will join the commentary team for NBA 2K22 was revealed during her recent interview with GQ, and she spoke on the importance of her opportunity with NBA 2K22.

"It means a lot," Parker said of being chosen for the cover. "Growing up, I was always trying to do what my brothers did. So, I grew up on the sticks: playing FIFA, NBA Jam, NBA Street, I was playing everything. I remember when Anthony, my brother, got drafted in 1997 and the video game came out and I remember seeing his character and how excited we got. The kid in me is really excited. You grow up wanting to be on or in a video game, wanting to have a shoe, wanting to drink Gatorade, wanting to have a commercial. Sometimes you really got to take it in and really reflect about it."

NBA 2K22 Candace Parker
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"2K putting WNBA in the game and allowing people to grow up and see that is important," Parker continued. "And we’re going to continue to push that. To be on the cover of 2K as an athlete is great, but to be commentating on the game as well is super important. You need to hear female voices in sports just as much as you need to hear men."

While in-game commentary may be a new challenge for Candace Parker, it's one she's perfectly suited for as the 2016 WNBA Champion and WNBA Finals MVP has been an analyst for Tuesday night NBA games on TNT since 2019.

Unfortunately they didn't confirm any more details about her commentary during the interview, so we're not sure which game modes players will get to hear Candace Parker in while playing NBA 2K22.

If you want to pre order the WNBA Edition of NBA 2K22, or any other version, you can reserve your copy here.

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