NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition celebrates NBA legends

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This year, NBA 2K22 celebrates its 75th anniversary, and will commemorate it with a special edition version of the game!

The NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition will hit shelves on September 10, 2021. Its cover is unique featuring several legends from throughout NBA history.

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The season guideline has been released, giving us a roadmap of what to expect this year. Let's go over everything there is to know, including the 75th Anniversary Edition rewards!


UPDATED - Season 1 starting Sept. 10th

The roadmap is out for all the seasons in NBA 2K22, there will be 9 total seasons that start in September 2021 and end in August 22.

During the season you can earn XP by playing games in The City, Neighborhood, Rec, Pro-Am, Events and more. Here's the roadmap to keep you on track:

The seasons roadmap in NBA 2K22
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FOLLOW THE MAP: Get up to Level 40 during Season 1, starting on September 10th.

You only have six weeks to level up, so jump right on it the second you launch NBA 2K22. You won't want to leave any rewards on the table.

To learn more about Season 1 and the rewards you can claim, follow this link!

NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition Cover Athletes

2K Sports searched for an athlete fit to grace the cover of the storied edition of NBA 2K22. It seems like they couldn't choose just one, so they went with three! All legends, albeit from different times are now on the cover of NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition. Check it out below:


All three of the legends are doing their signature moves on the cover in a somewhat mosaic art style. The great part about this special edition is that each of the players has made comments on how it feels to be part of history.

For so many, the NBA is a family, and this cover art links together the past and the future.


NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition Rewards

What we all want to know when purchasing a special edition of a video game is the rewards for purchasing. Well, the NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition knew exactly how to entice players to purchase this edition of the game.

Here's a full list of the rewards you'll receive for purchasing the 75th Anniversary Edition:

  • 100K VC
  • 10K MyTEAM Points
  • 10 MyTEAM Tokens
  • Sapphire Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant MyTEAM Cards
  • 22 MyTEAM Promo Packs (Receive 10 at launch, then 3 per week for 4 weeks)
  • Diamond Jordan Shoe MyTEAM card
  • Coach Card MyTEAM Pack
  • 10 Boosts for each MyCAREER Skill Boost type
  • 10 Boosts for each Gatorade Boost type
  • 4 Cover Athlete T-Shirts for your MyPLAYER
  • MyPLAYER backpack and arm sleeve
  • Custom-design skateboard for MyPLAYER

The MyTEAM cards a huge! For anyone playing the game mode, those three cards will give your team an instant boost!

Remember the pre order bonuses above are only available until 9/09/2021.

How to buy the 75th Anniversary Edition

The great news is this edition is available on all platforms. Regardless of whether you're on current or next gen consoles, you can get your hands on NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition.

They all run the same price too, on each platform the 75th Anniversary will cost $99.99

Head here if you're looking to purchase or pre order NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition!


Release Date

NBA 2K22 releases on September 10, 2021 but you can pre order here! With September rapidly approaching, you'll want to get in on the action as soon as possible.

For information regarding the other editions of the game, head here. If you're looking for more information on players wish lists, you can head here.

NBA 2K22 Cover Athletes Speak on Cover

For the NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition, each of the cover athletes made a note to comment on how it felt. Some of them (Dirk Nowitzki) even had a humorous take on the cover. See what he had to say below:

Nowitzki is simply poking fun here, considering the legendary status of each player on the cover.

Kevin Durant, arguably the best player currently in the NBA, had this to say about sharing the cover with his fellow generational talents:


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was also thankful to grace the cover with his fellow stars but perhaps had something else on his mind when he tweeted:


Abdul-Jabbar seemed very excited to head to Milwaukee where the Bucks were facing the Phoenix Suns in the NBA Finals, and for good reason, as the Bucks brought home a big win to bring the series back!