NBA 2K21 Cross Platform: PS5 Showcase, News, PS4, Xbox One, Next Gen, Dual Access, Xbox Series X, Pre-Order & more

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NBA 2K21 has been live for a couple of weeks now - but has the game finally levelled up to cross-console play?

With Next Gen round the corner, many will be eager to know if console barriers will still apply.

Latest News - PS5 Showcase Countdown!

The PS5 Showcase promises to deliver a whole host of new information about the upcoming Sony release, and it's only hours away!

PS5 Showcase
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SHOWCASE! The Countdown is well and truly on!

The Showcase will be live at 4pm EST / 9pm BST and we'll be providing all the coverage via our live blog.

It's unlikely that cross-platform will be on the agenda, but could we hear some news surrounding 2K21 on the PS5?

Will NBA 2K21 be Cross Platform?

NBA 2K has never included cross-platform play, and unfortunately for fans hoping to unite the playerbases, that's still the case with NBA 2K21.

Xbox Series X vs PS5 hype
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ALL NEW- The next gen consoles are looking to reshape gaming, and NBA 2K as a result

This means that to play with friends on different consoles, you'll have to pick them up as well.

Will NBA 2K21 have Dual Access?

While EA's major titles approaching next-gen consoles will feature Dual Entitlement, you'll have to be thoughtful when purchasing NBA 2K21 to get access on current-gen and next-gen consoles (at least with next-gen specific features)

nba 2k21 kobe bryant cover mamba forever
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ONE OF THE GREATEST: NBA 2K21 is looking to pay tribute to the legendary Kobe Bryant with the Mamba Forever Edition

That's because NBA 2K21 has several different editions, with only one giving access to both current and next-gen versions of the game.

That Edition is the Mamba Forever Edition, which gives players the Current-Gen Standard Edition and Next-Gen Standard Edition of NBA 2K21.

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While players can play their Current-Gen Standard Edition on next-gen consoles thanks to forward compatibility, they won't feature the exclusive features of the Next-Gen Standard Edition - though these have yet to be fully announced.

NBA 2K21 on next-gen

NBA 2K21's Next-Gen Edition will feature Zion Williamson on the cover, and will be a $10 markup from the current-gen Standard Edition of the game.

NBA 2K21 Cover Reveal Zion 1920x1080 PEGI EN
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FLYING HIGH: The rookie earned his cover spot in the first incomplete NBA season in history

It's been confirmed that the next-gen version of the game will offer unique features designed for next-gen consoles, which justifies the upgrade.

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