NBA 2K21: How will the NBA season affect player ratings? - Next-Gen, Draft, Updates & More

The release of NBA 2K21 is just around the corner and for the first time, it will come before the end of the current season!

Issues off the court - primarily the COVID-19 pandemic - has meant that there is still plenty of Playoff basketball still to be played, and it won't be wrapped up before release!

The Longest NBA Season Ever?

It was way back on October 23rd when the defending champs the Toronto Raptors welcomed the New Orleans Pelicans to a sell-out Scotiabank Arena.

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Bust fast forward 10 months and the first round of the NBA playoffs are still in full swing after a Coronavirus enforced two-month delay.

The IRL delay hasn't had too much of an adverse effect on the team at 2K Sports and their production of 2K21, but some areas will still take an unwanted hit!

Opening Ratings Temporary

It's a strange situation to be in, to have to announce the new ratings before the current season is finished.

But that is the position that 2K finds themselves in. Players performances in the postseason can often be the differential between ratings, whether it be good or bad.

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The ratings team at 2K will have to make their decisions based on the basketball they have seen so far, with a much needed up date to follow in due course.

When will we see the Draft introduced?

This is another key part of the NBA season that has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NBA draft - which would usually take place in June - has been put back until Friday October 16, over a month after NBA 2K21 hits the shelves.

NBA Next Promo
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NEXT! Edwards & Co featured in the NEXT Promo on NBA 2K20

With the likes of Anthony Edwards and LeMelo Ball set to join the NBA roster for the upcoming season, we're sure you'll want to get your hands on them in-game as soon as you can!

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Unfortunately, there is no confirmed date as to when that will be as of yet!

Update in time for Next-Gen?

The suggestions within the 2K community is that there will be a big ratings update in time for the release of 2K21 on Next-Gen.

This issue? There isn't a confirmed release date for 2K21 on Next-Gen yet as we don't know exactly when the Next-Gen consoles will hit the shelves!

PS5 Digital
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PS5! Next-Gen is set to revolutionise sports gaming!

We know that they are due for release during 'Holiday 2020' and the suggestion is that they should come some time in November, but that would be a month after the Draft but still prior to the expected December 1st start for the 2020/21 campaign.

So in short, don't expect to be using the class of 2020 anytime soon!

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