NBA 2K21 Week 1 Clue Agenda Group Mystery revealed

NBA 2K21 has cranked up the excitement in MyTEAM with the launch of Season 6: Glitched Reality, and the latest Agenda Group has players excited for this now revealed Mystery Player.

While initially just a ghost with a handful of clues, it has now been confirmed that the Mystery Player in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM for the Glitched Reality Week 1 Clue Agenda Group is none other than Kelly Oubre Jr.

Glitched Reality Agenda Group - Kelly Oubre Jr.

Agenda Groups are a series of frequently released challenges in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM, and that's continuing with Glitched Reality.

As the theme of Season 6: Glitched Reality has put a heavy emphasis on mystery, clues, and hidden secrets, Glitched Reality will have five weeks with an Agenda Group offering a Mystery Player, and the Top Secret player comes in week six.

We now know that Kelly Oubre Jr. is the reward for the Week 1 Clue Agenda Group, but players will have to keep focused to earn them all and eventually snag the Top Secret player at the end.

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How to Complete - Week 1 Clue Agenda Group

If you can complete all four challenges in the Week 1 Clue Agenda Group, you'll earn Rewards PD Kelly Oubre Jr. 96 OVR SF/PF, which is available now.

NBA 2K21 Glitched Reality Mystery Player Agenda Group Kelly Oubre Jr
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MYSTERY REVEALED: This week's Mystery Player is Kelly Oubre Jr.

The challenges, and their individual XP rewards, are as follows:

  • Small Forward Dunks: Make 3 Dunks with Small Forwards in a single game
    • Reward: 100 XP
  • Off the Bench: Get 7 Assists with Small Forward in a single game
    • Reward: 200 XP
  • vs the Rockets: Get 9 Rebounds with a Power Forward over multiple games
    • Reward: 300 XP
  • Career High Points: Score 40 points with a Power Forward in a single game
    • Reward: 500 XP

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