NBA 2K20 Servers are about to be shut down for good

Unfortunate news for NBA 2K20 players as the NBA 2K20 servers will be getting closed soon. Now, that doesn't mean you won't be able to play the game, but some things won't be available.

Let's go over when you can expect the NBA 2K20 servers to close and what will happen once they do.

When will the NBA 2K20 Servers Close?

Unfortunately, at the end of the month of December is when the NBA 2K20 servers will close for good. That means players can continue using the servers until December 31st, 2021.

The reason for the closure is for a couple of different reasons, the main one is there aren't a whole lot of users at this point since NBA 2K20 has been out for a few years.

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BLOCKED: The NBA 2K20 servers, much like the hoop won't be available soon

The other is that it'll free up space to maintain the servers on NBA 2K21 and of course, NBA 2K22. Making the remaining servers perform much better, especially with more

With all the new additions to NBA 2K22, we imagine it'll perform much better after the servers close.

What this means for NBA 2K20 Players

Players can expect that when the NBA 2K20 servers close, they'll no longer be able to play a number of game modes and over half of the games achievements will be affected.

Here are the modes that will be affected when the NBA 2K20 servers close:

  • MyTEAM - (and any other mode that earns VC)
  • Ranked & Online Matches
  • Online League Games

The achievements in NBA 2K20 take over 200 hours to complete so, unless you only have a little bit left or a ton of time on your hands, you likely won't be able to finish.

The good news is you'll still be able to play single player games and multiplayer (on-the-couch) games. You could also purchase NBA 2K22 for a very low price right now!

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