NBA 2K20: Earn VC fast with these key tips (Xbox, PS4, & PC)

The virtual currency (VC) in NBA 2K20 is crucial for fans to earn; this is so it can be spent on upgrading your MyPlayer attributes, therefore increasing the chances of you player being one of the best on the court.

2K20 gives you the option likes its previous predecessors to buy VC with real money. Though not everyone can spare money to spend on the virtual currency.

RealSport has looked into all the quickest ways for you to earn VC in this years instalment of the 2K series.

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Endorsement Deals

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Using Endorsement Deals may be the quickest and easiest way to gain VC. In fact many popular NBA 2K20 streamers and YouTubers have highlighted that this is how they are earning so much of the currency.

In MyCareer, endorsement deals will approach your character early on in the career. If these deals are negotiated correctly pay outs of VC will be huge.

How does it work?

  • Set all endorsements to 10,000 VC per Event Appearance. Set Incentives to the max and 0% Store Discount.

The endorsement deal will come back with a counteroffer with usually 9000 VC and above. However, if you are at the very beginning of your career, the VC rate may be lower; after 10-15 games the VC will almost definitely be above 9000.

Make sure you select your incentives based on the skills and attributes that best suit your MyPlayer. The rewards will continue to stack and increase.

Be sure to check in with your events. Although usually this is not required, it does no harm doing so to ensure that you gain the VC. We also recommend that you play with five-minute quarters so the incentives stack quicker and time passes.

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MyNBA2K20 App

Gaining and earning VC through the NBA 2K app may be easier than you think! Why? This is because you do not actually have to play on the app to earn yourself the VC.

By just logging into the app daily on your mobile device or tablet you can earn up up to 500 VC bonuses.

Every little counts and why would you not do this? It is quick and easy and may just be the difference in VC that you need for something in particular on the game.

Increase Difficulty and Time

2K has always rewarded those who are able to play against the higher difficulty settings more VC in rewards. Although this may not be fun, and a grind to most, it may just help you out to earn more VC.

  • Set difficulty on Hall of Fame

The average player will be playing on Pro, if you have the capabilities, patience and time try increasing this.

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MyCareer Games

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MyCareer is the main driving force as to why many NBA 2K20 fans want to earn the games virtual currency as quick as they can. However, without buying VC through the games online store it can be a long-winded process.

Playing MyCareer games is an underestimated way to be able to earn lots of VC with the addition of being able to improve your characters Basketball abilities. What can you do to maximise your VC payout during and after a game?

  • Your VC payout does not correlate to how much you handle the ball in game; rather, your player doing what their job is in the game. Therefore, attackers and ball handlers should make good passes, assists, dribbles and shots, whereas defenders should make good screens, defends and blocks.
  • Play to the strength of your character.
  • Setting up and using both screens and blocks in game can earn you lots of VC.
  • Making assists and rebounds can earn you just as much and sometimes more VC than if you were to make the shot and score... bare this in mind.

Let us know down below whether or not you have uncovered any tips or tricks on how to gain VC as quick as possible for all the 2K grinders out there!

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