NBA 2K20: How to shoot the perfect 3 pointer and rack up wins

Shooting from beyond the arc can be the difference between winning and losing.

Raining down threes at will is one of the best ways to dominate any basketball game and demoralize an opponent, both in 2K or in real life.

There’s no better feeling than hitting that buzzer-beater from deep to win the game, it’s something which we all love, but how many of us have the know-how to pull it off?

Shooting a three on 2K20 isn’t as easy as it may seem, there’s a whole range of factors which come into play for those daring enough to take the tricky shot on, here’s our guide to teach you how to shoot the perfect three.

Picking your man

Now this may seem simple, but you will not be able to shoot a three with every player on the court.

Each player in the game has their three-point ability graded, from the A+ shooters, the likes of Golden State’s Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, all the way down to the F grade shooters, the likes of Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons, who is yet to hit a 3 in his NBA career.

Whilst he may be a beast in the post, Ben Simmons 3 point record doesn’t make for great reading.

So this is something you need to remember when you’re on the court. If the opposition’s defense is consistently leaving your man open from deep, there’s probably a good reason for this and that reason is probably their inability to shoot the three-ball.

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Know the Hot Zones

Another key element to learning how to shoot the perfect three is knowing the hot zones of your players.

The best way to do this is to hit the court on 2KU and start experimenting with your favorite teams and players.

Each player has their own ‘hot zones’ based on how they perform in real life. It is crucial to learn where each players hot spots are, particularly from three-point range, as they are more likely to be successful when shooting from these areas.

Again, the higher the players rating from deep, the more hot spots they will have. Look at Golden State’s Steph Curry, arguably the best three-point shooter to ever grace an NBA court, he has Hot Zones all over the court.

Curry can shoot from pretty much anywhere

In comparison, Lou Williams of the LA Clippers, whilst he still has a solid B+ ranking from deep, only has two Hot Zones, so you will have to be more selective when you shoot three’s with the veteran shooting guard.

Your best bet with Lou is shooting from the corners.

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Know your release

Whilst JJ Redick and Bojan Bogdanovic might both be expert three-ball shooters, they both have very different timings when releasing their shot.

New Orlean’s JJ Redick is one of 7 A+ shooters from three point range

This is the case with pretty much any player you will use in the game, everyone has their own shooting technique and release timing.

So again, get on the 2KU court, practice with your team and learn how each player releases the ball, because although they may have a good three-point shot on paper, if your release isn’t up to scratch, you will struggle to drain those shots.

Be realistic

The final thing you need to do is just be realistic.

Steph Curry may have hot zones from every position around the arc, but that doesn’t mean he will make every shot, especially if he is heavily contested or rushed into his shot.

When playing on higher difficulties or online, your opposition will undoubtedly look to double up on those better three point shooters, so you will have to be very selective in when you shoot the ball and when you don’t.

Shooting an open three with a B shooter will prove far more beneficial than shooting heavily contested with an A, so know all your players and choose wisely.

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