5 Changes We NEED in NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24 will need to make changes to address some of the problems the 2K community has pointed out. There are 5 improvements we need in NBA 2K24.

These changes could revitalize the game, and attract a plethora of new players to NBA 2K24. There are a lot of users that stopped playing NBA 2K because they weren't happy with the state of the game. However, these users would be more than glad to make their return to the title, if some major changes would take place

Without further ado, let's see what are the 5 improvements we need in NBA 2K24.

MyCARRER needs a better storyline

One of the most played modes in NBA 2K23, MyCAREER is a staple of the NBA 2K franchise. Users that prefer to play offline love the game mode. Competitive players also need to play it, to improve their character attributes before battling other players in MyPARK.

In NBA 2K23, the MyCAREER storyline was very criticised. Players wanted to feel immersed in the story, but most found themselves skipping the cutscenes. The storyline wasn't captivating, which was a huge disappointment, since that is the most important point of MyCAREER.

NBA 2K23 Jay Cole
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Players also couldn't choose where their story began. This makes the game mode much less immersive since players have little power over their character decisions outside of the court.

If users could choose their path to the NBA, and have more power over their character decisions, the game would feel much more real. Allowing players to choose where they start their basketball career, such as being able to play in Europe, going to college, or starting in the G league.

All of these changes would make the mode more realistic, and give players the chance to experience different paths to the league. It's arguably the most important one of the 5 improvements we need in NBA 2K24.

A brand new The City

When The City came out everyone was amazed. Being able to run around the city, visit the NBA store, the gym, and have your own apartment felt surreal. Going outside and seeing your character's face on billboards, along with many other things provided players with a unique experience.

NBA 2K23 MY City
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My City on NBA 2K23 next gen

However, that feeling has been slowly disappearing in the past few years. The City is stale and needs some major changes to captivate the players' attention. New buildings, the ability to drive different cars, and other things could be added to make The City feel brand new.

Moments of the Week

The MyTEAM game mode needs some drastic changes if it wants to be relevant. Its rewards are not good enough, and players need to spend way too much time to complete the challenges.

It also doesn't help players improve their team, which is the main goal of all the MyTEAM game modes. Many fans have also complained about the challenges chosen, saying they don't make any sense.

NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week
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Better rewards, that players can use to improve their squads substantially, are one of the changes that need to happen on Moments of the Week. Challenges that take less time to complete, and letting fans vote on what challenges they want to see in the game mode, are two other changes NBA 2K24 needs to implement.

Hackers on MyPARK

It might not be that big of an issue for console players, but for PC users, this is a constant problem. Everyone that plays MyPARK regularly on PC knows the chance of facing a hacker is pretty high.

These players will have a 60 OVR, with all the stats on minimum. However, they have plenty of hall-of-fame badges and will make 99 OVR struggle to keep up with them.

What makes things worse, is that 2K takes very long to ban them, and in some cases, that doesn't even happen. Playing against hackers takes all the fun out of the game. It ruins the players' experience, which is the most important thing in any video game.

Additional security measures need to be taken to prevent this to happen so often on PC.

No more Pay To Win

One of the 5 improvements we need in NBA 2K24, is the end of microtransactions, which make the game pay to win.

The NBA 2K community has shown its discontentment towards microtransactions on various occasions. Microtransactions have become more common in the game, and fans are not happy for a plethora of reasons.

NBA 2K23 VC Prices
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Players can buy VC and use it to improve the stats of their MyPLAYER, reaching that 99 OVR in an easier and faster way. This completely ends the grind aspect of the game, where users needed to play many matches to get enough VC to improve their attributes.

It also puts "free-to-play" players at a massive disadvantage, since they will have to spend plenty of time just trying to catch up to the players that buy VC. Starting the game with a 60 OVR, entering the City, and seeing players with a 88 OVR on the first day of playing just doesn't feel right.

Having to pay almost $100 to complete your build is also something that makes zero sense. One thing is using VC for cosmetics, but when it directly impacts the competitive aspect of the game, something needs to be done.

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