Should Moments of the Week be in NBA 2K24?

Moments of the Week is part of the MyTEAM challenges game mode and has been in NBA 2K for quite some time. It's a single-player mode that allows users to get rewards by completing a set of challenges. These challenges are inspired by some players' great performances in NBA games of the previous week.

Many fans have voiced their discontentment towards Moments of the Week in NBA 2K23. Players are saying the mode doesn't add anything of value to the MyTEAM experience, and that the rewards are not great.

Taking all of that into account, does Moments of the Week deserve to be in NBA 2K24? Or should the developers get rid of it? Let's find out.

Moments of the Week biggest problems

The main problem with Moments of the Week is that the mode doesn't enhance the players' experience of NBA 2K23 MyTEAM. In theory, it sounds fun to complete challenges connected with NBA players' best performances of the last week. After all, we all want to know how it feels to score 70 points or get a triple-double in the NBA.

However, Moments of the Week rewards are just not good enough. Especially when you take into account the effort, and the number of hours players need to spend to complete the challenges. It's not worth it to have to complete ten challenges, which can take you multiple hours, just to receive a small amount of MT, some tokens, and a hall-of-fame badge.

NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week Challenges
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Moments of the Week 16 rewards

Furthermore, Moments of the Week is part of a single-player mode, inside arguably NBA 2K23 biggest multiplayer mode, MyTEAM. Players can earn much better rewards by playing Triple Threat Online, or Unlimited. This gives players even fewer reasons to play the mode, as they have other game modes that actually help them improve their team.

Reasons for Moments of the Week to stay

Despite not being considered a good game mode by the majority of the MyTEAM community, there are still a few that enjoy it. Players that prefer to play modes like domination, or Triple Threat, normally like to complete the Moments of the Week challenges.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Menu
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MyTeam has a plethora of game modes

For these users, Moments of the Week is something they can look forward to every week. It gives them a new set of challenges for them to complete, and provides them with more hours of entertainment. It also slightly helps them to improve their team and gives them a chance to try out new players.

What needs to change in Moments of the Week

The game mode needs to find a way to captivate both the casual and the competitive player. To do that, a major restructuring of the game mode is necessary.

Better rewards need to be added to make players feel like Moments of the Week is worth the grind. It's important that the mode actually helps players improve their squads with better cards, badges, and shoes.

The Moments of the Week challenges also need to be carefully selected. Many fans complain that some players, despite their amazing performances in the previous week, ended up not featuring in the challenges.

NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week
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The NBA 2K23 Moments of the Week menu

Solving that wouldn't be very hard. Letting fan votes on which challenges made it to Moments of the Week would end that problem. It would also signal to the 2K community that the developers listen to their player base.

So, does Moments of the Week deserve to be in NBA 2K24? I think so. But the game mode needs some major changes.

If NBA 2K24 will address these problems, and reinvigorate the Moments of the Week game mode, only time will tell.

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