PUBG Mobile: When will Season 13 end?

PUBG Mobile's Season 13 brought tons of awesome content, but it's finally coming to a close.

That means it's also almost time for Season 14 to start the cycle over again.

So when will PUBG Mobile Season 13 end?

When will Season 13 end?

PUBG Mobile Season 13 has officially ended, and Season 14 has just begun!

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ALL GOOD THINGS- Season 13 brought plenty to PUBG Mobile, but it will be over eventually

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What can we expect from Season 14?

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TOP OF THE LINE- We can only hope to get another vehicle like the Golden Mirado in Mad Miramar.

PUBG Mobile seasons are some of the biggest content additions to the game every few months. They include all kinds of unlockable goodies, ranging from skins, to gun skins, to voice packs, to emotes, and plenty more.

Each season has a theme to it that dictates the skins and gun skins.

Season 13's theme was Toy's Playground, which game players skins similar to Power Rangers with Lava and Flash Superman. It also introduced lego-inspired gun skins.

PUBG Mobile Season 14's theme will be "Spark the Flame" - and this is taken several different ways with its cosmetics.

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What's next for PUBG Mobile?

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LOOKING ON- Where do we go from PUBG Mobile Season 13?

While we know we'll be seeing a new PUBG Mobile season in roughly 3 months, it's safe to say there will be some awesome new content in the meantime. This was the case for Season 13, which was preceded by Update 0.18.0 just two weeks earlier.

Update 0.18.0 brought tons of new features to the game, including: Mad Miramar, Bluehole Mode, Jungle Adventure mode, the P90, the Kar98k and new scope on Miramar, the Golden Mirado, and more.

Outside of this update there were also new content additions around Season 13 like Cold Front Survival, and a sandstorm in Miramar.

Season 14 has officially arrived, and Update 0.19.0 already brought new maps, gun skins, vehicles and plenty more before it. That means it's time to hop on and experience the huge amount of new content!

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