PUBG Mobile Bluehole Mode: How to win the new game mode - Update 1.18.0, Season 13, & more

PUBG Mobile's Update 1.18.0 brought all kinds of new content to the game, all just a week before Season 13 brings even more.

One of the most popular inclusions from Update 1.18.0 is the new game mode Bluehole Mode, taking place on Erangel.

In Bluehole Mode there are two zones, one within the larger zone, and players inside this smaller zone take damage. This prevents the end-game camping that punishes more active players taking risks.

Let's go over how to win on Bluehole Mode.

Guns to use in Bluehole Mode

PUBG Mobile Season 13 guns Bluehole Mode
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TAKE YOUR PICK- The heavier the better in Bluehole Mode

Bluehole Mode involves the unique gameplay experience of working around a second interior zone.

Because of the second zone, you have a better idea of where players aren't, which means you're informed of where they can be. Because the map is on Erangel as well, you can really take advantage of long and mid-range weaponry.

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That means the best guns in Bluehole Mode would be the AWM, DP-28, M249, and the M416. LMGs are preferable thanks to their flexibility in long and mid-range engagements.

Playing around the second zone

pubg mobile Bluehole Mode Safety Scramble
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PICK YOUR POISON- Stay in-between the two zones to avoid taking free damage

Bluehole Mode poses the challenge of moving around a second zone where players take damage. Designed to punish camping that punishes more active players, this is the perfect game mode to stay mobile.

To win in Bluehole Mode, you'll want to skirt the border of the second zone throughout the game to pick off greedy looters. You should avoid taking free damage from the second zone since it makes you vulnerable to being picked off.

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Players that do chance the second zone for loot will often rely on vehicles to minimize damage. For players skirting the zone, these vehicles are free kills as opponents need to escape the zone. You'll have a clear line between opponents and safety, and they'll take damage the longer the standoff lasts. That means some very simple trades, even if you can't easily get to the loot.

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