PUBG Mobile Season 13: Vehicles, vehicle skins, and where to find them

PUBG Mobile players probably know every gun in the game. After all, it's common you'll find more than one over the course of a game.

But do you know every vehicle in the game?

You're likely to see many vehicles in a PUBG Mobile game, but players never seem to give them credit. They get little mention despite killing opponents without firing a single shot when used correctly.

Let's go over the vehicles in PUBG Mobile, their different skins, and what they offer ahead of Season 13.


There are several categories of vehicles in PUBG Mobile, and they all serve different purposes on the battlefield.

pubg mobile uaz
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A BEAUTIFUL SIGHT - This UAZ is just begging for you to take the wheel

There are motorcycles and scooters that are compact and fast ways to get around tricky areas. Unfortunately they do little to nothing to protect you from getting shot, and make a similar amount of noise to bigger, safer vehicles.

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There are snow-terrain vehicles like the snowmobile and snow bike that, obviously enough, help you navigate Vikendi.

There are water vehicles like the Aquarail jet ski and the PG-117 speed boat that help you cross important waterways.

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There are also trucks and the UAZ for heading off the beaten path and getting around tough terrain.

And finally, there are cars and buggies that help navigate roads quickly with varying degrees of cover.

Best vehicles to use

While all vehicles have niche uses, these are the best vehicles to look out for in your PUBG Mobile games.

pubg mobile
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A JUNGLE - Be ready to navigate PUBG Mobile's driving controls in difficult spots

The most useful vehicle in the game is the armored UAZ. While it's hard to obtain having to shoot a flare outside of the zone, it's a powerful vehicle that can manhandle opponents. It's typically used for travel in dangerous spots and running over stragglers.

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The second most useful vehicle in the game is the motorcycle. Despite offering no protection from great shooters, the motorcycle stands out as the fastest vehicle in the game. You're often required to travel large distances in PUBG Mobile games. The motorcycle is your perfect answer to long treks, and is slender enough for good drivers to pilot effectively around dense terrain.


PUBG Mobile has released several vehicle skins, including one soon to come in Season 13. Some of these skins can even be obtained for free.

pubg mobile season 13 royale pass 1 best guns
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SOON TO COME - PUBG Mobile is introducing plenty of new skins in Season 13

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Some of the more popular skins include the Red Zone UAZ, Cat Scratch Motorbike, and the Public Transit Van.

Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass
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VALUE - The Royale Pass offers the player plenty of different unlockables

The Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile comes with a range of goodies and opportunities, all unlocked by playing the game.

PUBG Mobile's Season 13 Royale Pass will feature a new vehicle skin, a golden Dacia. That means running over opponents in style.

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