MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete Candidates & Predictions

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The MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete will be among the first major reveals for the upcoming release, and strong contenders have already emerged.

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Here's everything we know so far about the MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete, top candidates, our predictions, and when the pick could be announced.


MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete Candidates & Predictions

After last year's installment seemed to provide the easiest choice in years, the MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete race remains fairly open.

Shohei Ohtani was a truly generational talent last year, and there was no better time for MLB The Show 22 to capitalize by making him Cover Athlete.

While repeat cover athlete selections have happened before in the MLB The Show series, it's been more than a decade since Joe Mauer graced the cover of MLB 10 and MLB 11.

MLB The Show 23 Cover
ONE OF A KIND: Ohtani was too good not to be the pick last year

Ohtani had another strong year, but it seems more likely we'll see a different direction from MLB The Show 23.

The World Series is still underway, and a pick from either team seems very possible, but there are a few others who have a strong chance of being the face of MLB The Show 23.


As for when this news could be made official, we predict the official reveals will arrive in late January or early February 2023, lining up with the timing of cover athlete reveals the last few years.

Aaron Judge or Bryce Harper

While a direct repeat seems unlikely, a delayed repeat feels more possible this year than it ever has in the past.

Aaron Judge has been the runaway MVP favorite for some time thanks to an astronomically good season, but fellow veteran Bryce Harper has also had a strong year.

MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete
ALL RISE: We may indeed need to honor The Judge on the next cover

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With the Phillies on the verge of a World Series victory, a powerful finish for the season could propel Harper into the running as well.


We wouldn't call Judge or Harper the main MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete favorites, as new faces tend to be most enticing as of late, but they're definitely the favorites if a repeat is in store.

Justin Verlander

As for new faces, the team most likely to secure their first MLB The Show cover in history would be the Houston Astros.

Likely deprived of a prior cover following their 2017 World Series win due to the scandals that followed, the Astros have since proven they still have all the pieces to be a top contender.

One major part of that puzzle is longtime veteran pitcher Justin Verlander who has somehow gotten even better this year with a 1.75 ERA at the age of 39.

Despite his resurgence at a late age, MLB The Show 23 is probably the last time he'll be in the running for a Cover Athlete spot.

Yordan Alvarez

Young stars are something Sony San Diego has loved using for covers in recent years, and that's why we feel Yordan Alvarez may be the true favorite for MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete.


At just 25 years of age, the Cuban star dubbed "Air Yordan" has continued to establish himself as one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball.

MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete
POTENTIAL CHAMPIONS: Another World Series win would be huge for the Astros

Alvarez was named ALCS MVP in 2021 and became the first player in MLB history to out-hit their entire opposing team over the final two games of a playoff series.

He continues to dominate this year, and a win in the World Series might close the book on any other options for MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete.

Paul Goldschmidt

Similar to Verlander, Paul Goldschmidt is a longtime veteran seeing a new chapter of his career after jumping to a different team a handful of years ago.

Arguably in the running for the NL Triple Crown into late August, Goldschmidt has remained dominant at the plate throughout much of this season.


He struggled a little in the last few months, but Goldschmidt's long-term success more than makes him a worthy choice for MLB The Show 23 Cover Athlete.