MLB The Show 23: Game Update 7 Patch Notes

MLB The Show 23 Game Update 7 Patch Notes

MLB The Show 23 Game Update 7 Patch Notes

A new game update is coming to MLB The Show 23. It goes live on 24 May, at around 4 AM PT/12 PM GMT. This update won't have any gameplay changes, and will instead focus on fixing bugs and other issues. The server will also undergo a restart.

Game update 7 will fix plenty of problems users have experienced in Diamond Dynasty, the Stadium creator, and online head-to-head. The Charisma Series program also underwent a small adjustment. As always, the main focus of MLB The Show 23 updates is to improve the gaming experience.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about game update 7.

MLB The Show 23 Game Update 7

The latest MLB The Show 23 game update focuses mainly on the Diamond Dynasty game mode. Unfortunately, players were experiencing some issues in the game mode recently. But the developers were quick to spot and fix them.

A crash which happened when players exited a Mini Seasons or Conquest game was fixed. Players were also having multiple visual issues in the Unlimited Rewards sections, and those were also addressed.

In the Stadium Creator feature, one major bug was fixed. There was an issue about fans appearing covered in shadows on created stadiums. That issue is now resolved. Plenty of other small issues were also fixed.

MLB The Show 23 Game Update 7
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As mentioned above, the Charisma Series program also received a small adjustment. Developers added a repeatable mission where players can earn 1,500 Parallel XP and 10 program points.

In the Charisma Series Showdown, the first four mini bosses were set to the Rookie difficulty. When playing the three final mini bosses, players will now have an extra two outs. Against the final boss, players now have an additional run.

You can check out the full game update 7 patch notes below.

Game Update 7 Patch Notes


  • Baltimore Orioles City Connect uniforms have been added.

Diamond Dynasty

  • Earlier this week, we fixed an issue where a user would not see additional cards of a player with the same name when attempting to make a change in the manage squad screen.
  • Various fixes to visual issues related to the Unlimited Rewards section of the XP Reward Path.
MLB The Show 23 Game Update 7
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  • Fixed an issue where duplicate text would show in the background of program missions when scrolling up and down through the program.
  • Fixed a specific crash when exiting a Mini Seasons or Conquest game.
  • In a content update later this week, all Incognito series player items will now be referenced by their nicknames in various screens such as Player Card, Marketplace, Box Score and more.

Online Head-To-Head

  • Fixed an issue where auto pitch could be intentionally disabled in any online mode.
  • Fixed a freeze that could occur when a controller was disconnected as the ball was put into play.

Stadium Creator

  • Fixed an issue where fans would initially appear covered in shadows.
  • Various bug fixes.

Developers Notes

Gameplay Balance Changes

  • There are no gameplay balance changes at this time.

Live Content Balance Changes

We’ve made the following adjustments to the Charisma Series Other Program in Diamond Dynasty, which went live earlier this week:

  • Added a Repeatable Mission:
    • 1,500 Parallel XP with Charisma Series players will grant 10 program points.
  • Showdown:
    • The difficulty for the first four mini bosses is now set to Rookie (previously Veteran).
    • An additional two outs are given when playing the final three mini bosses.
    • An additional run has been given when entering the final boss battle.
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