MLB The Show 23: Game Update 4



MLB The Show 23 is receiving its fourth update, with this one not bringing a lot of gameplay changes. It focuses on some bug fixes, small adjustments, and updates. The MLB The Show 23 server will also undergo an update. This means the servers will be down for a certain amount of time.

MLB The Show 23 has been focusing more on releasing new content, such as the Mexico City Series. However, its developers are always working on fixing any problems the game may have or introducing new features.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about MLB The Show 23 game update 4.

MLB The Show 23 Game Update 4

There will be no gameplay changes coming in this update, which arrives today at 4 AM PT/ 12 PM GMT.

It's arguably the smallest update the game has received and focuses more on bug fixes. Developers also updated some game features, that will certainly improve the players' gaming experience.

In this update, the Seattle Mariners City Connect uniforms were added. A fielding aids issue, that was affecting the functionality of the button accuracy throw meter, was also fixed.

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The Seattle Mariners' brand-new uniform will be added to the game in this update!

The Co-op game mode received a very small but significant change. Players were experiencing a bug that would change the colour of their pitch trail. This would happen after they played one Co-op game. Fortunately, this update solves the problem.

Popular game mode Road to the Show received two updates. The Boss battle Dynamic Challenge was adjusted, and an issue with save files failing to load after using a specific custom roster was also fixed. Both the Franchise and the March to October game modes also received this bug fix.

MLB The Show 23 commentaries also received some adjustments and updates. This way, the game will deliver an even better immersive experience.

The Best Pitcher's To Use In The Moonshot Mile-High Event

MLB The Show 23 hasn't taken their foot off the gas, and the game continues to deliver some amazing content. New programs and events have recently been added to the Diamond Dynasty mode. Among them, we have the Moonshot Mile-High Event.

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The Moonshot Mile-High Event allows you to win great rewards. However, because of its strict requirements, the event can prove to be a little bit difficult to complete. You can only use common Pitchers in the event, and many players struggle with that. So, if you want to know the best pitchers to use in the event, make sure to check out our guide.

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