MLB The Show 23: The Best Pitcher's To Use In The Moonshot Mile-High Event



MLB The Show 23 hasn't taken their foot off the gas, and the game continues to deliver some amazing content. New programs and events have recently been added to the Diamond Dynasty mode. Among them, it was the Moonshot Mile-High Event.

The Moonshot Mile-High Event allows you to win great rewards. However, because of its strict requirements, the event can prove to be a little bit difficult to complete. You can only use common Pitchers in the event, and many players struggle with that. But don't worry about it, because we've got you covered.

So, let's find out which are the best Pitchers to use in the Moonshot Mile-High Event.

Best Pitchers For The Moonshot Mile-High Event

As mentioned above, the Moonshot Mile-High Event has some particular rules. You can only play in Coors Field, players need to have a min OVR of 60, and you can choose any hitters. Games are played in the All-start difficulty, and they all are 3-inning games. But the most important rule is that you can only use common Pitchers.

Since you need to win as many games as possible to get all the rewards. This rule ends up having a major impact on the way you construct your squad. You can't have diamond pitchers. But you still need pitchers that are able to strike out the best hitters in MLB The Show 23.

When you are choosing pitchers for this mode, you need to make sure all of them have at least four different pitches. Their pitch velocity should be high, and also make sure they have a sinker pitch.

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James Naile is one of the best common Pitchers you can use in this event.

Then, look at their pitching stats. Look for pitchers with high stats in the breaking, velocity, H/9, and K/9 attributes. You also need to have a good balance of right-handed and left-handed pitchers in your squad.

By following these steps, you will find some great Pitchers that will help you massively in this event. Among the best-starting Pitchers, we have James Naile, J.C Meija, Steven Brault, Jo Jo Romero, and T.J. Zeuch.

When it comes to relief Pitchers, we also have some great ones for you. Sergio Romo, Tim Hill, Jacey Fry, Richard Bleier, Jimmy Cordero, Dennis Santana, Joel Payamps, and Domingo Tapia, are some of the best.

Be aware that, you will still allow plenty of home runs. This is totally normal since you are using normal pitchers against Diamond hitters. But because of the versatility of these pitchers and their decent attributes, you will allow fewer home runs than expected.

MLB The Show 23 Mexico City Series Program

A new MLB The Show 23 program has been announced and will arrive this Friday. The Mexico City Series program is coming to Diamond Dynasty and brings ten great cards. These players cover a variety of positions and can add more depth to an already good squad.

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The Mexico City Series program brings us some incredible cards.

As the name of the program indicates, all the players are from Mexico. If you want to find out everything about this program, check out our guide.

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