MLB The Show 23: Best hitters in Franchise, RTTS, & March To October

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If you want to score runs in this year's official baseball game you are going to need these MLB The Show 23 best hitters. Getting hits and scoring runs isn't easy, but there is one sure-fire way to give yourself an edge and that is by having the best players!

The new game has just hit early access and players around the world are diving into MLB The Show 23. Whether you are a Franchise Mode player or love March To October, you need to know the best hitters in MLB The Show 23!

MLB The Show 23: Best hitters

There are many stats that go into players in MLB The Show 23, and when it comes to hitting you definitely can't just lean on the OVR of a player as a good guide.

MLB The Show 23 hitting controls
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POWER IN YOUR HANDS - Knowing the controls is key!

In this article we will look at a player's individual attributes to assess who will dominate at the plate for you and score plenty of runs. A good lineup can take you all the way to a World Series title, so it's crucial to grab as many as you can!

Mike Trout (99 OVR)

Team: Los Angeles Angels

Position: CF


Of course Mike Trout tops this list. The Angels outfielder has been an All-World hitter since he arrived in the Majors for his first full season in 2012. Trout comes into the 2023 season with 350 career home runs and .303 batting average, and his quality at the plate in real life is reflected in MLB The Show 23.

Trout starts franchise mode with 99 power vs R and 95 power vs L. He pairs that with 91 contact vs R and 92 contact vs L. That is a ridiculous set of hitting stats. He is the only player in MLB The Show 23 with all four of those stats over 85, nevermind 90!

Aaron Judge (99 OVR)

Team: New York Yankees

Position: RF


Trout was an easy #1, and Aaron Judge is a clear #2 when it comes to MLB The Show 23 best hitters. The reigning AL MVP mashed an American League record 62 homers last season on his way to a brand new contract with the Yankees.

Aaron Judge in MLB The Show 23
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ALL RISE - Judge has maximum power this year

Judge has the maximum 99 power vs R and 99 power vs L, making him a home run monster in MLB The Show 23. That's not all though, as he also has 90 contact vs R and 81 contact vs L so he can be consistent at the plate as well as powerful.

Yordan Alvarez (94 OVR)

Team: Houston Astros

Position: LF

Age: 25

After Trout and Judge there is a drop-off, but it's not that steep thanks to Yordan Alvarez. The Astros DH/LF mashed 37 homers last year in the regular season and added three more in the post-season as the Astros won another World Series.

In MLB The Show 23 Alvarez brings 99 power vs R as his main attribute, but that is accompanied by 87 power vs L, 83 contact vs R, and 90 contact vs L. It makes him a well-balanced and deadly hitter for any lineup.

Paul Goldschmidt (96 OVR)

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Position: 1B

Age: 35

He might be a veteran but Paul Goldschmidt still crushes at the plate. He's only failed to hit 30+ homers in one season out of the last six and that was due to injury. Goldschmidt finally claimed the NL MVP last year after 35 homers and a slash of .317/.404/.578.

Paul Goldschmidt's player card in MLB The Show 23
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GOLDY - No one mashes like Paul Goldschmidt

In MLB The Show 23 Goldschmidt is the absolute best against lefties with a perfect 99 power vs L and 99 contract vs L. he also brings strong stats against righties, with 84 contact vs R and 72 power vs R.

Austin Riley (93 OVR)

Team: Atlanta Braves

Position: 3B

Age: 25

Austin Riley made his first All-Star game in 2022 and ended the year with 38 homers and a slash line of .273/.349/.528.

The digital Riley absolutely crushes lefties and is strong against righties too. He's got 92 power vs L and 97 contact vs L. That's huge! It's supported by 84 power vs R and 80 contact vs R, so he can more-than hold his own against righties too.

More MLB The Show 23 best hitters

Player Team Position POW R POW L CON R CON L
Manny MachadoSan Diego Padres3B78929273
Nolan ArenadoSt. Louis Cardinals3B73998376
Mookie BettsLos Angeles DodgersRF85897581
Jose AltuveHouston Astros2B72847995
Byron BuxtonMinnesota TwinsCF99995674
Trea TurnerPhiladelphia PhilliesSS52868899
Salvador PerezKansas City RoyalsC82926980
Pete AlonsoNew York Mets1B90977758
Bryce HarperPhiladelphia PhilliesRF98589470
Juan SotoSan Diego PadresLF86739168