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The second choice pack of the Alter Ego series is coming to MLB The Show 23. It brings five amazing new cards to Diamond Dynasty, that you can use to upgrade your squad. All of the cards possess amazing attributes and quirks, which makes them very valuable.

The Alter Ego series is part of MLB The Show 23 season 2, which has graced us with plenty of content. It's one of the three card series that was introduced to the game in season 2, together with the Incognito and Kaiju series. It arrives at Diamond Dynasty on 19 May.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the Alter Ego Pack 2,

Alter Ego Pack 2

The Alter Ego Pack 2 will give MLB The Show 23 players even more cards to grind for. Similar to the first Alter Ego Pack, you will be able to earn these cards by progressing in the season XP reward path.

However, you can also buy the Alter Ego Pack 2 in the Show shop. This is the easiest way to secure all five cards and add them to your collection. The cards available in the pack all have a 97 OVR. They are Luis Aparicio, José Abreu, Andrew Benintendi, Max Fried, and Tom Henke.

These cards can help you finish many of the missions in the Team Affinity Season 2 program. Since they also have great attributes, they will enter the active lineup of most squads. Unless you already have a 99 OVR squad, all five of these players can be a spectacular upgrade to your team.

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These five cards possess some great attributes.

However, despite having some good attributes, and a spectacular design, the community has some mixed opinions on these cards. Some think that, at this point in the game, 99 OVR cards should be the standard for these types of packs.

Other players, especially more casual ones, think the cards are great. They also say these cards allow users the chance to play with some of their favourite players.

If the cards are worthy of entering your squad or not, is something that only you can decide, and that will vary from player to player. Some might already have a team composed of only legends of the game, with a 99 OVR. However, others might have just an above-average team, which would benefit a lot from one of these cards.

No matter what category you fit in, you should at least give these cards a try if possible.

Battle Royale 3

As mentioned above, MLB The Show 23 can't stop adding new content to the game. San Diego Studios is always looking for exciting content, that will improve the players' gaming experience.

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These are some of the great rewards Battle Royale 3 has to offer.

The Battle Royale 3 program offers even better rewards than previous editions, with some exclusive cards included. So, check out our Battle Royale 3 guide to learn everything about the brand-new program, including how to collect its great rewards.

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