MLB The Show 23 Battle Royale 3: Best players, rewards, and more

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MLB The Show 23 can't stop adding new content to the game. San Diego Studios is always looking for exciting content, that will improve the players' gaming experience.

In the past couple of days, new card series, programs, and events were added to Diamond Dynasty. Among this wave of new MLB The Show 23 content, we have Battle Royale 3.

Battle Royale is one of the most popular game modes inside Diamond Dynasty and allows players to earn incredible rewards. The Battle Royale 3 program offers even better rewards than previous editions, with some exclusive cards included.

So, let's find out everything about Battle Royale 3.

Battle Royale 3

Battle Royale is a very similar game mode to FIFA Fut draft. Players draft a 26-man squad, where they will be able to choose from some of the best cards in MLB The Show 23. Then, they need to reach as many wins as possible.

For every win you get, you will earn some rewards. The higher your win count is, the better your rewards get. Twelve wins is the maximum amount of wins you can achieve.

Battle Royale is an elimination game mode. If you lose two games, you will be eliminated. So, Battle Royale is a game mode that rewards the great MLB The Show 23 players. It also allows players to try out some amazing cards.

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If you go 12-0 you will be able to claim one of these three amazing cards.

But Battle Royale 3 has something that differentiates it from all the past editions. The cards available in this program can't be sold in the Show market. This means players can only earn the Battle Royale 3 cards by completing the program.

For casual players, this is not great news. As mentioned above, this is an elimination mode. You need to get to twelve wins and can only lose once to collect the reward cards. This is something most players will struggle with.

To make things worse. You can only earn the best rewards in Battle Royale 3 by reaching twelve wins without dropping one single game. So, either you are really good at MLB The Show 23 or you will need to play many games of Battle Royale to earn those rewards.


Battle Royale 3 has some amazing rewards, with plenty of great cards being up for grabs. However, as mentioned above, you will need to win games to claim these rewards.

Some rewards are easier to earn than others. You will get a reward pack at three, six, nine, and twelve wins. Getting to three or even six wins shouldn't be that difficult. However, to reach nine or twelve wins, especially twelve wins without losing one game, is quite hard.

Once you reach three wins, you will be able to choose between four silver players. These players are 79 OVR Kevin Youkilis, 79 OVR Dave Parker, 79 OVR Ian Kinsler, and 78 OVR Carlos Rondon.

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Kevin Youkilis is one of the many exclusive reward cards you can earn in Battle Royale 3.

At six wins, you receive a gold players pack. Inside it, you have 84 OVR Eduardo Escobar, 84 OVR Rich Gossage, and 83 OVR Kenta Maeda.

When you reach nine wins, the rewards get much better. You receive a diamond players pack, with cards having either 88 or 89 OVR. The cards available in this pack are 88 OVR Miguel Sano, 89 OVR Lou Brock, 87 OVR Jacob deGrom, and 89 OVR Willie Stargell.

The spectacular rewards come once you reach twelve wins, especially if you are able to do it undefeated. If you don't drop a game, you will receive the flawless pack. This pack contains three 99 OVR players from the Incognito and Kaiju series. The players are Justin Verlander, Evan Longoria, and Frank Thomas.

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