MLB The Show 22: Take the survey and give your Technical Test Feedback

It's always a great moment when a video game is looking for feedback in order to further develop their game tailored to their consumers.

MLB The Show 22 is asking players that have been participating in the Technical Test to take the survey available so that they can see how players are responding.

So, how can you take the survey and what new reveals are on the way?

MLB The Show 22 Technical Test Survey

Taking part in the MLB The Show 22 Technical Test meant you got to have a first look at what the game has in store when it releases on April 5th, 2022.

If you've enjoyed it or have concerns about the game, you now have the ability to leave your own feedback with the survey attached here.

MLB The Show 22 Technical Test
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SURVEY LOCATION: Click here on mobile to access the Tech Test survey

Completing this survey will help MLB The Show 22 make improvements on the game, so don't be afraid to really let them know what you like/dislike. One of the latest additions is the Online Co-Op game mode that allows 2v2 and 3v3.

If you haven't played much of the game during the Technical Test, we'd say to give it a few hours then leave your feedback in the survey.

New Legend to be revealed on Feb. 24

We're about a month away from the official release of MLB The Show 22 which means we'll consistently learn more about the game each day.

Last week, two first-time Legends were revealed after first being teased on the official MLB The Show Twitter account. Those Legends were Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau. Yesterday, another teaser was sent out that announced another Legend is on the way.

We have a few predictions on who the next MLB The Show 22 Legend will be. By using some of the information revealed, our primary guess is Kirk Gibson, a legendary LA Dodgers player.

Hopefully, our prediction is right this time, but once it's announced, we'll be sure to confirm the new Legend right here.

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