MLB The Show 22: Battle Royale Draft is the perfect way to kick off the Technical Test

With MLB The Show 22 quickly approaching, the Technical Test is a huge hit right now because of the Battle Royale Draft in Diamond Dynasty.

There are rewards available during this time for players to claim. We'll cover the format for the draft, the rewards available, and how long you have left to play.

Let's kick off MLB The Show 22 right with the Battle Royale Draft.

MLB The Show 22 Technical Test

If you're looking to get in on the MLB The Show 22 Technical Test, there's still time! It won't be available for very long though, so you'll need to download it soon.

A few modes are available for you to play. The one that is popular with players right now is Diamond Dynasty, mainly because of the rewards available in this game mode.

MLB The Show 22 Tech Test
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TECH TEST LIVE: Download the MLB The Show Technical Test today!

To start playing the Tech Test for MLB The Show 22 on Xbox, follow this link. If you're looking to download it on PS5 you'll have to head to the PlayStation Store.

For Nintendo Switch players, you can use this link to start playing the Technical Test today.

Battle Royale Draft & Rewards

The Battle Royale Draft is currently where a lot of the players on the Technical Test for MLB The Show 22 are spending their time. You can take part in it, but it's important to note that the rewards might not transfer over.

You'll start the draft by drafting your own 26-Man Squad from the provided players. With each win, you'll earn more rewards. However, two losses and you're out!

MLB The Show 22 Battle Royale
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TAKE THE FIELD: Playthrough the draft and earn rewards

Here are how the rewards work for each win:

  • 3 Wins = One 75-79 OVR Player
  • 6 Wins = One 80-84 OVR Player
  • 9 Wins = One 85-89 OVR Player
  • 12 Wins = One 90+ OVR Player
  • 12-0 Flawless Record - Choose one 99 OVR Player

We imagine that when MLB The Show 22 releases on April 5th, 2022, the rewards for the Battle Royale Draft will be the same. Keep that in mind when drafting your 26-man team.

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