MLB The Show 22: New Legend announcement reveals potential former World Series Champ

MLB The Show 22 is cranking out more reveals as we near the official release date of April 5th, 2022. Our latest reveal is the silhouette of another Legend.

As always, future players of the game decided to see what they could surmise from the teaser image and now we have a few predictions in mind.

So, who do we think could be the next MLB The Show 22 Legend.

MLB The Show 22 Legend Reveal

With so many reveals coming in and more time left in the MLB The Show 22 Technical Test. Players are hoping to continue to learn more about the game.

Our next announcement will be the new Legend that was teased on February 21st, 2022 via the official MLB The Show Twitter account. The first two Legends that were revealed were two Minnesota Twins Legends, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.

MLB The Show 22 Legend Reveal
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NEW LEGENDS: Mauer and Morneau are your latest Legends

We missed our first prediction for the Legend reveal, but we feel like we might have a good idea of this reveal, especially after some suggestions by players.

Let's go into our predictions for the next MLB The Show 22 Legend.

New Legend Predictions

There are two players that we believe could be announced as the next MLB The Show 22 Legend. We received some help courtesy of a Reddit post that detailed the fact that the tease is from Dodger Stadium.

Fans decided to go even deeper and look at the placement of the bat in the hands of the hidden Legend. From there, everyone seems to believe the next Legend will be Kirk Gibson.

There's a definite chance that it could be Kirk Gibson, but a few people have pointed something out to us. Just because they're in Dodger Stadium, doesn't mean they have to be a former LA Dodger. Our secondary position is Carlos Beltran.

Regardless, once the next MLB The Show 22 Legend is announced, we'll reveal them here.

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