MLB The Show 22: How to claim FREE Summer Bundle via Game Pass, PS Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online

MLB The Show 22 is embracing the hotter months with a new free Summer Bundle exclusive to Xbox Game Pass, PS Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

We've got all the details on how to claim your free Summer Bundle for MLB The Show 22 and bolster your Diamond Dynasty squad.

MLB The Show 22: How to claim your free Summer Bundle

If you're a Diamond Dynasty or Road to the Show player in MLB The Show 22, you don't want to miss the new free Summer Bundle.

This sudden drop by Sony San Diego coincides with the winding down of Sizzling Summer as a featured program, but these rewards will be available for several weeks to ensure players have a chance to redeem them.

Once claimed, players will receive one Cover Athletes Diamond Choice Pack, one Diamond Ballplayer Choice Pack, and five The Show Packs.

If you're more of a Road to the Show player, the real value is in the Diamond Ballplayer pack which could have some key Diamond equipment for your Ballplayer.

However, Diamond Dynasty players won't want to miss out on a free player from the Cover Athletes series and whatever gems are hidden in your The Show Packs.

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How to claim on Xbox Game Pass

If you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, the process will actually be within the Xbox Game Pass app rather than in MLB The Show 22.

Open up the Game Pass app and head to the Perks section, and the top left should show you the Summer Bundle.

MLB The Show 22 Summer Bundle
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GAME PASS PERKS: Don't forget you could have perks from other games here too

Select it, and then you'll be prompted with a code as it's basically treating this like a tiny DLC pack.

Once entered, you'll be able to open your packs in MLB The Show 22 to see what kinds of rewards you've snagged.

How to claim on PlayStation Plus

The process is similar on PlayStation Plus, as you'll first want to open PS Plus and then search for the item.

MLB The Show 22
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SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE: Not every player will get these exciting rewards

Once found, it should be listed as free and "purchasable" if you're a PS Plus subscriber, and once claimed it will automatically show up in your in-game inventory.

How to claim on Nintendo Switch Online

Finally, players enjoying MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch can score the same bundle if they're Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

While we attempted the verify the process, it's not currently showing under Special Offers within the Nintendo Switch Online app.

It's also not yet showing in the Nintendo eShop, so this may be tied to having MLB The Show 22 currently installed on Switch or just may be facing some delays with deployment.

Either way, players on Nintendo Switch Online are still entitled to this pack, and if it isn't showing soon then they may want to contact The Show support here.

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