MLB The Show 22 Stadium Creator: Game mode returns, but not on every platform

With the announcement now official, MLB The Show 22 Stadium Creator is prepared to take this creation tool to the next level in year two.

Here's everything we know so far about MLB The Show 22 Stadium Creator, which versions of the game will have the feature, and how Vault creations from last year will transfer.

Latest - Early Access is almost here

While we've not learned extensive details on new features or major changes to Stadium Creator in MLB The Show 22, it won't be long before players can find out for themselves.

There were some general comments by developers in the buildup towards launch that Stadium Creator had been further refined, which is very good news.

The debut of Stadium Creator was a big step for the franchise, but it left much to be desired in terms of user interface and overall optimization.

With just hours before Early Access begins, check our countdown so you can hit Stadium Creator and build your dream park as soon as possible.

MLB The Show 22 return of Stadium Creator is confirmed

MLB The Show 22 has formally been announced, and along with it we've learned that last year's new addition of Stadium Creator will return!

Unfortunately, MLB The Show 22 Stadium Creator remains an exclusive to next gen versions of the game, so only players with it on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S will have access.

Last year was a solid debut for Stadium Creator, but it had plenty of issues that they continued to remedy with updates and bug fixes after the game launched.

Some of that has also informed this year's version, as MLB The Show 22 Stadium Creator introduces a better streamlined user interface and night games for the first time.

We'll likely also see more props and additional fine tuning, as last year's mode got a lot of the core ideas right but needed plenty of refinement.

We should get more details about Stadium Creator in one of the Feature Reveals in the coming weeks that takes a deeper look at MLB The Show 22 features.

MLB The Show 21 logos will auto transfer, but not stadiums

One of the exciting pieces of information we learned around the same time as the MLB The Show 22 cover athlete reveal was that some uploaded creations would auto transfer from MLB The Show 21.

After a bit of confusion at first, it's now been cleared up by the FAQ page on The Show's website only custom logos will transfer this year.

That means any logos made in Logo Creator and uploaded to the vault in MLB The Show 21 will automatically be available to download in MLB The Show 22.

Unfortunately, it's now been confirmed that custom Stadiums will not automatically transfer like that for MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 Stadium Creator
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REMEMBER YOUR FAVES: The Stadium Vault will reset, so appreciate MLB 21 creations while you can

The most likely reason for this is improvements to the Stadium Creator feature, as any changes there could cause issues with stadiums created in the old version.

For creators, this means they'll want to keep details and reference images about how they created stadiums if they hope to quickly recreate the same designs in MLB The Show 22.

For players, it means some of your favorite uploaded Community Stadiums may not be available at launch. If that's the case, players may want to enjoy spend some extra time enjoying those creations in MLB The Show 21 until the next installment arrives.

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