MLB The Show 22 Servers: Mini Seasons and Marketplace back online

We've got great news for those with early access as the MLB The Show 22 servers are currently up and running.

Not long ago, the servers went down which took Mini Seasons and the Marketplace offline. Now, they're back up and running.

We'll be sure to keep an eye on the MLB The Show 22 servers from now on.

Latest - What is Mini Seasons?

Mini Seasons in MLB The Show 22 is a great way for you to get some practice in Diamond Dynasty before taking your team online.

It's also an opportunity for you to earn tons of rewards in a single-player mini-season consisting of 28 games against the CPU.

MLB The Show 22 servers
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MINI SEASONS: Get ready for a ton of fun in Mini Seasons

The games only last three innings, so they're super fast and players who win the championship will be given 15 The Show Packs, 10,000 Stubs, and 5,000 XP.

To learn more about Mini Seasons in MLB The Show 22, follow this link.

MLB The Show 22 Servers

April 1, 2022 was the first day of early access, however, it was slowed down to to the MLB The Show 22 servers being down.

We still have played some of the games, but there are certain areas that were unable to be accessed. These areas were Mini Seasons and the Marketplace.

With match-making temporarily turned off, you won't be able to play online in Diamond Dynasty, but you can start building your Road to the Show player.

Now that the MLB The Show 22 servers are back online, you can jump into Mini Seasons and Online Modes in Diamond Dynasty.

Diamond Dynasty Pack Overlay Bug

The servers going down wasn't the only problem during the MLB The Show 22 early access launch. In fact, this overlay bug was the first thing we ran into.

The good news is that we have a way to fix it after dealing with it this morning. This bug places an empty overlay on the screen when opening Diamond Dynasty packs, blocking items and choices during the process.

MLB The Show 22
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OVERLAY BUGS: MLB The Show 22 is getting off to a rough start

To fix this Diamond Dynasty pack overlay bug in MLB The Show 22, players must exit the game entirely - either by starting a different game or turning off their console.

A day-one update should be around the corner which will help the MLB The Show 22 servers immensely.

Franchise Mode Best teams overall

Franchise Mode is going to garner a lot of attention when players first get on MLB The Show 22.

The good news is that regardless of MLB The Show 22 server status, you'll be able to work through Franchise Mode with some of the best teams.

MLB The Show 22
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THE TAKEOVER: Take the diamond with the best players available.

If you want to play with the best teams in MLB The Show, we've got the top ten for you here:

  • 1st: Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2nd: Toronto Blue Jays
  • 3rd: Houston Astros
  • 4th: Chicago White Sox
  • 5th: New York Mets
  • 6th: St. Louis Cardinals
  • 7th: New York Yankees
  • 8th: San Diego Padres
  • 9th: Boston Red Sox
  • 10th: Milwaukee Brewers

As we continue to play through MLB The Show 22, we'll deliver more guides to help you do better in the game.

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