MLB The Show 22: Will Robinson Canó be added in the next Roster Update?

MLB The Show 22 has kept things relatively up to date since launch with updates that adjusted ratings and added players like Seiya Suzuki, but one notable New York Mets second baseman remains missing.

Robinson Canó has yet to be added to MLB The Show 22, and things have gotten even less clear thanks to the Mets latest move.

Robinson Canó still missing from MLB The Show 22 roster

MLB The Show 22 mostly aims to keep things authentic, but there's been one notable exception this year with Robinson Canó of the New York Mets.

This would've marked a return to the gaming franchise for Canó, and he remained absent from MLB The Show 21.

While Canó has had an undeniably Hall of Fame worthy career, things first got murky in 2018 when Robinson Canó was suspended for 80 games for testing positive and violating the MLB's PEDs policy.

He later returned to action in that season with the Seattle Mariners, but was subsequently traded to the New York Mets in late 2018.

Robinson Canó MLB The Show 22
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NEW HOME: Robinson Canó went to the Mets in late 2018

Unfortunately, his first season with the Mets was a struggle, followed by a COVID shortened 2020 season, and a second PED suspension in November 2020 that put him out of action for the entirety of the 2021 season.

That same suspension prevented him from using likeness rights for the duration, but it's not up and he's played in a dozen games this season for the New York Mets.

Despite that, Robinson Canó is still missing from the game, and many are wondering if his PED suspension is to blame.

When will the next MLB The Show 22 Roster Update be released?

With two updates having already arrived that failed to add Robinson Canó, there's decreasing faith that the next MLB The Show 22 Roster Update could add him.

This is all exacerbated by the news that he was designated for assignment by the New York Mets as of May 2, 2022.

While there may be a full week before we know what the outcome will be, the most likely conclusion is that Robinson Canó will eventually be released and other teams will have the opportunity to pick him up off free agency.

If Canó is on an active MLB roster again soon, the earliest he's likely to join the game would be Friday, May 13, 2022.

While they could do a transactions specific roster update on May 6, it's unlikely that Robinson Canó's situation will be resolved in time for that update.

We don't yet know for sure that the bi-weekly roster update schedule will hold true throughout the season, but that's the current expectation following the ratings update on April 29.

If Canó gets put on another active roster and remains absent for the next one or two updates, it's likely confirmation that Sony San Diego has chosen to leave him out of this year's game.

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