MLB The Show 22: Ranked Season 5 delivers ROTY Cody Bellinger in Diamond Dynasty

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Having a 98 OVR card in your MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty lineup is always a good idea.

In Ranked Season 5, players in Diamond Dynasty can win games and add the 98 OVR ROTY Cody Bellinger.


Let's take a look at the steps to get there and what else is going on in Diamond Dynasty.

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Ranked Season 5 Reward Cody Bellinger

Rewards in Diamond Dynasty usually means being able to buff your team with some of the best cards in MLB The Show 22.

This time, the Ranked Season 5 reward is the 98 OVR Cody Bellinger which was revealed along with a few other impressive cards.

MLB The Show 22
RANKED SEASON 5: Bellinger hits the Diamond Dynasty rewards

You'll earn rewards for winnings games and even playing a certain amount of innings. Season 5 of Ranked in MLB The Show 22 is set to end on July 26, 2022.

Be sure to start playing and winning games if you want to earn the 98 OVR Cody Bellinger card.

David Ortiz Program in MLB The Show 22

Perhaps the 98 OVR Cody Bellinger isn't exactly what you're looking for. How about adding the 99 OVR David Ortiz to your Diamond Dynasty lineup?

If you haven't heard, Ortiz was inducted into the Hall of Fame and now he's been immortalized in MLB The Show 22 as a 99 OVR card.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
ORTIZ RATINGS: You'll be knocking it out of the park with this card

His other cards in Diamond Dynasty including one for the Cover Athletes series (88 OVR) at launch and a Retro Topps Now series (94 OVR) match his latest card in MLB The Show 22.


We broke down exactly how to earn the points in order to collect the 99 OVR David Ortiz card right here.

Latest Conquest Hidden Rewards

Conquest in MLB The Show 22 is an often overlooked format but you can definitely earn a ton of rewards that way.

You'll have to play through some games but most of them can be simulated which will definitely help the time go by much faster.

MLB The Show 22
CONQUEST MAPS: Get familiar with the Map and then earn all your rewards

The best part about Conquest is all of the rewards you can receive in MLB The Show 22 just by completing a few of these tasks.

For our full breakdown on Conquest and the Diamond Dynasty rewards that go along with them, follow this link.