MLB The Show 22: Headliners Set 25 brings Postseason Jimmie Foxx

We've got some new cards coming to MLB The Show 22 in Diamond Dynasty as the Headliners Set 25 packs come to the platform.

Within the Headliners Set 25 is the 95 OVR Jimmie Foxx, which is the main card that everyone will want. However, it won't be easy to get it.

Let's take a look at the new set and how much it'll cost.

Headliners Set 25 Jimmie Foxx

Revealed on June 23, 2022, the Headliners Set 25 cards will give players a great chance to bolster their Diamond Dynasty lineup.

The best card in the set is obviously the 95 OVR Jimmie Foxx. This first baseman will be a heavy-hitter for your lineup. The Choice Packs, although expensive, will give you the best chance at pulling this MLB The Show 22 card.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners
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NEW HEADLINERS: A 95 OVR card is on the line in the Headliners Set 25

Let's first take a look at the prices for each of the packs available in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty:

  • Headliners Set 25 (Single Pack) - 7,500 Stubs
  • Headliners Set 25 (Choice Pack) - 25K Stubs

Here are the pack odds for each of the packs available:

  • Headliners Set 25 (Single Pack)
    • Odds 1:10 - 85+ Player Item
    • Odds 1:3 - 80+ Player Item
    • Odds 1:1 - 75+ Player Item
  • Headliners Set 25 (Choice Pack)
    • Odds 1:3 - 90+ Player Item
    • Odds 1:3 - 85+ Player Item
    • Odds 1:1 - 80+ Player Item

If you're not interested in these packs, we've got some more MLB The Show 22 packs that you might want to purchase.

MLB The Show Summer Circuit Pack

The Summer Circuit Packs are available for free in MLB The Show 22 if you head to the Show Shop in Diamond Dynasty.

These packs will give you a guaranteed 80+ Player Item and you won't even need to pay for them. The item itself is the 80 OVR Ketel Marte.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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SHOW SHOPPERS: Grab a free 80 OVR Ketel Marte in Diamond Dynasty

There are also more Headliners Set 24 packs that are available. Inside of the set is a 95 OVR Luis Castillo for your MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty team.

These cost the same as the Headliners Set 25 packs and the pack odds are the same as well.

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