MLB The Show 22: Headliners Set 10 delivers 93 OVR Gary Sheffield

A very special 93 OVR Gary Sheffield is on the way to MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty. So, how can you get him and what are his ratings?

The good news is there are a few ways to add him to your lineup, which we'll cover today along with a few other options.

Let's take a look at the new Headliner Set 10 packs in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners Set 10

If this is the card you're after you'll have a few ways to get to it. One way is by going directly through the Headliners Set 10, but that won't guarantee you the card.

The other way to do it is by going through the MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Marketplace where the card is selling for about 37K Stubs.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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HEADLINER SET 10: Gary Sheffield is the top card of this set

If you're looking to purchase these packs you can expect to pay this much in Stubs:

  • Headliners Pack (Single) - 7,500 Stubs
  • Headliners Choice Pack - 25,000 Stubs

As we mentioned, neither of these packs guarantees the 93 OVR Gary Sheffield, so if you really want this MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty card, you might want to purchase it straight from the Marketplace.

Gary Sheffield Diamond Dynasty ratings

If you aren't sure whether you want the card or not we'll go over the ratings of this superstar left fielder who can also play right field as well.

As a batter, Sheffield has incredible ratings with 125 Contact against LHP, but it doesn't fall much when he's up against right-handed Diamond Dynasty pitchers.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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SHEFFIELD RATINGS: Sheffield could be the best left-fielder in the game

Let's go over each of Gary Sheffield's MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty ratings:

  • CONTACT R - 90 OVR
  • CONTACT L - 125 OVR
  • POWER R - 81 OVR
  • POWER L - 104 OVR
  • VIS - 92 OVR
  • DISC - 95 OVR
  • CLT - 86 OVR
  • BUNT - 35 OVR
  • DBUNT - 25 OVR
  • DUR - 93 OVR
  • FLD - 61 OVR
  • ARM - 90 ARM
  • ACC - 85 OVR
  • REAC - 58 OVR
  • SPD - 52 OVR
  • STEAL - 18 OVR
  • BR AGG - 18 OVR

Sheffield also has the Hitting Machine, Bomber, 20/20 Vision, Pressure Cooker, MLB The Show 22 Batting Quirks.

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