MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode reportedly on "legacy code," few updates coming

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode is getting a lot of attention this year from fans, but a new report indicates it might not be the kind of attention the developers wanted.

We've got the latest on what new features could hit MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode and why it might not be as much as some are hoping to see.

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode reportedly has developers "scared"

When MLB The Show 22 announced their Feature Premiere schedule, it didn't take for fans to hone in on the fact that Franchise Mode was conspicuous by its absence.

March to October, Commentary, and more were due for a special deep dive on this year's new features, but Franchise was missing entirely from that agenda.

In the following few weeks the reaction seems to have made an impact, as they quickly added it to the March to October Feature Premiere, and a new report by Michael Straw of SGO may explain why.

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode
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MARCH FORWARD: Fans may be stuck learning to love March to October

According to Straw, sources stated that Franchise was missing from that initial schedule because the developers at Sony San Diego were "scared" to hype the mode up for fear of it not living up to the expectations of fans.

In the same report, Straw indicated that one of the most significant chanes would be an overhaul to player logic, but its not clear if much else is on the table.

It's an understandable reaction from developers if Franchise Mode is being neglected this year, but we've also finally got some context on why they've been focusing more on March to October.

MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode is built on "legacy code"

According to the same report, there is actually a reason that developers at Sony San Diego have resisted massive overhauls of Franchise Mode in the last few years.

While the game mode itself delivers in a lot of ways that counterparts in other sports franchises don't, there are still features that fans want to see added.

When Straw inquired about the situation, he learned that they've consistently shifted focus and attention towards March to October and making it more akin to a Franchise experience rather than upgrading Franchise itself.

This is reportedly due to the fact that "a lot of the franchise features are built on legacy code," and updating that would take more resources and time than the developers have had at their disposal.

When the full game arrives we could see a Franchise that still delivers and March to October looking better than ever, but fans may want to consider a world where Sony San Diego eventually puts down Franchise in order to bring March to October to the forefront.

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